New Awakened Character – Avenger Mordred

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Awakened Sniper
  • Deployment cost: 5
  • Attack type: All-type
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 1 Valid Hit

  • Fires a consecrated bomb, dealing single-target damage. Basic attacks against targets afflicted with [Bind] will additionally deal True damage equal to 5% of target’s max HP.

Passive: Name granted by Fairy – 2 Valid Hits

  • Become immune to Sleep. Prioritizes attacking Striker units within range. After every 4 attacks (excluding enhanced attacks), casts an enhanced attack, inflicting Blind on damaged Strikers for 12s, and reducing the HIT of C.O.-type units by 100% (Cannot be removed).
    • Lv2-4: +80% Anti-C.O. DMG
    • Lv5: CRIT DMG +30%

Special Skill: Foci of Light – 2 Valid Hits – 24s CD

  • Aim downs the target with light and deals damage to the target and nearby targets.
    • Lv5: Inflicts [Bind] on C.O.-type units for 8s.

Ultimate: Demon Lord’s Plague – 3 Valid Hits – 55s CD

  • Prays for an unseen power to deal AoE damage and deals True damage equal to 10% of target’s max HP for up to 3 units in front (Boss excluded).
    • Lv5: Inflicts [Bind] on 2 damaged targets in front for 4s.
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