Reverse: 1999 – Windsong Preview!

Ley lines are beautiful, mysterious, and ever-changing; At least in the eyes of Windsong. She has made a lot of efforts in this scientific field, including independent research, theoretical verification, writing scientific articles, participating in academic forums, and even using it as a compass to find stray cats and dogs. Unfortunately, most of these efforts have achieved little success. In the eyes of most people, Windsong is just a dreamer, a paranoid, or even pitiful creature who clings to a pseudo-science.

Windsong and her Ley lines science have been wandering for a long time. She has taken many jobs, some bad, and some easy, barely enough to put bread on the table and to allow her to persist until now. However, coming to Rayashki has brought her a small group of listeners. For the first time, someone encouraged her ideals, and for the first time, someone was willing to run with her in the endless unknown. Finally, science is no longer her fantasy, but a slightly cold yet very tangible reality.

Role Intro

Afflatus: Star
DMG Type: Mental
Rarity: 6-star
Windsong is a Critical-oriented Burst DPS. By properly using her passives and Preparation Spell effects, Windsong can hold numerous Incantation cards and unleash all of them at once upon casting her Ultimate.

Insight: Syncretism

I1 – Every time an ally lands a critical hit with an Incantation or inflicts [Confusion] on an enemy, grants 1 stack of [Measuring] to self;

I2 – When entering battle, increases Critical Rate;

I3 – When entering battle, further increases Critical Rate and Critical DMG. After releasing Ultimate, grants self [Preparation – Windsong].

[Measuring]: Increases Critical Rate and Critical DMG (Can stack, cannot be dispelled).
[Preparation – Windsong]: At the start of next round, generates a Precast “Q.E.D.”. If there are no “Pragmatism”, generates an extra Precast “Pragmatism” (Can stack).

Skill 1: Q.E.D. [Attack]

1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG and increases Eureka. Then, consumes a certain amount of Eureka to deal additional Mental DMG and convert excess Critical Rate into Critical DMG.

TRIVIA: Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum) or simply, “thus, it’s proved”, is an abbreviation placed at the end of mathematical proofs, philosophical arguments and other scientific papers to indicate that the proof is complete. The term is not as common in modern days, with the {\displaystyle \blacksquare } (halmos symbol, or tombstone) becoming more standardized although not universal.

Skill 2: Pragmatism [Attack]

Mass Attack. Deals Mental DMG to 2 enemies and increases Eureka. Then, grants self [Preparation – Windsong].

Ultimate: Beyond Endless

1-Target Debuff. Inflicts [Confusion], enters [Surveying] status for 1 round and increases Eureka. Then, turns all Windsong Incantations into [Q.E.D] cards of corresponding level, unleashing all at once.

[Surveying]: While in this status, can’t lose Eureka. Excess Eureka will be converted into stacks of [Measuring].



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  1. Rana

    Windsong looks amazing and her kit seems quite good. Being in Star is a good fit for her of course, but having good star options already, I do sort of wish she was in another Afflatus.

  2. Eskler

    The only downside of her is being a STAR, we already have so many cool characters and DPS in that Afflatus

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