PVP Tier List Update

It’s only been a month since the last tier list update so there won’t be any dramatic changes to character performance. The primary objectives of this update are to:

  • Adjust ratings for characters based on their alternium reactor performance.
  • Adjust ratings for characters we were on the fence about at the time of the previous update.

The CounterSide PVP tier list has been updated and changes were made to reflect the current state of PVP meta. This blog post provides some commentary on changes made to the ratings.

Operator Rating Update

PVP operator ratings have been updated following the release of Sysop, Vivian, and Batty Mitchie.

PVE rating guidelines for operators have slightly shifted to more heavily emphasize necessity. Operator PVE ratings have been updated to reflect the new changes. This change mainly affects C Tier and D Tier.

ASSR Commentary



Ecclesia has a ton of utility in her kit, but it has always been a struggle to keep her alive long enough for that utility to generate value. Notably, Ecclesia’s teamwide +1000 HIT buff allows many DPS characters to reach surefire thresholds against their frontline targets, creating a ~50% DPS increase when applicable. Ecclesia’s alternium reactor solves this problem by giving her (among other things) invulnerability for the duration of her special skill animation and what is effectively a permanent uptime perfect evasion buff.

Permanent uptime on perfect evasion translates to ~25% increase in Ecclesia’s survivability. Ecclesia is capable of maintaining 100% uptime on her perfect EVA buff with only 47% skill haste. Post-reactor, she is among the tankiest units in the game.

Ecclesia’s alternium reactor has significantly increased her survivability to the point where she has become a competitive frontline tank alongside other dominant defenders.



Ministra’s level 2 alternium reactor makes her significantly more self-sufficient by letting her directly summon her swords via her special skill. This lets Ministra apply early pressure where previously she had none, and allows her to snowball sooner.

Much of Ministra’s value comes from the aura generated by her sword summons, which debuff ATK, ASPD, and skill haste by 33% each. Ministra’s debuffs are potent but difficult to access, as enemies tagged by Ministra’s basic attacks have to die for the sword to be summoned. 

Prior to the release of Ministra’s level 2 reactor, she struggled to generate swords to pressure the opponent. However, her reactor gives her a new alternate means of generating swords, significantly reducing her dependence on teammates for damage.

Ministra’s level 2 reactor gives her easy access to her core mechanic as a debuffer, significantly improving her performance, consistency, and competitive viability.

Awakened Lee Sooyeon


Awakened Lee Sooyeon (ALSY) has been underperforming for almost a full year now, but she continues to find new ways to disappoint everyone. 

It has become increasingly difficult for ALSY to reliably kill newer ASSR fliers (i.e. Awakened Rosaria, Awakened Chris, Mavka) without spending a disproportionate amount of resources setting up the kill.

This largely defeats the purpose of her kit as an anti-air ASSR. Out-damaged and out-ranged by the very things she’s meant to counter, ALSY lives a sad meaningless existence devoid of purpose.

Operator Commentary

Serina (PVP)


The release of Sysop has replaced Serina as the de facto operator for Striker-lead PVP comps. Serina has always had consistency problems generating value for the team, as certain comps are shut down by buff removal, while others are far less affected. Given the choice, many players have shifted away from Serina and towards Sysop. 

This does not mean Serina has been powercrept, but moving forwards players can expect to encounter her far less frequently. Serina has always been a good operator with a defined niche, and now that players have a choice of alternatives, she will see less use.

Momo (PVP)


Momo was initially rated C for PVP because it was deemed that she only had limited application outside of RChinatsu weeks. That hasn’t changed, but Momo’s performance in RChinatsu weeks has been deemed relevant enough to uptier Momo.

Villetta (PVE)


Villetta has been updated to reflect her value in high level Tyrant Gigas strategies. Keep in mind PVE operator ratings are based only on performance in specific game modes, and Villetta’s B rating is not reflective of her performance outside the content in which she was rated for.

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