2023 Everschool Event Pick-Up

  • Pick-Up Summon for the main heroines of the 「Everschool – Student Council Secretary Election」 – Mephistopheles, Linzy, and Claire will be available.
  • Schedule: Apr 18, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ May 2 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

2023 Everschool Event: Student Council Secretary Election (Re-run)

  • ㅇ During the event period, 「Everschool – Student Council Secretary Election」 will be available.
  • – Schedule: Apr 18, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ May 2 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9
  • – Event shop will be available until May 9, 2024 (Thu) before the maintenance.

Content of 2023 Everschool Event

  • Yuria’s Special Daily Login Reward
    • Detail: During the event period, a special attendance check event will be available.
    • Rewards of full attendance (7 days): Everstone x1,200, Normal Summon Ticket x10
  • Event Stage – Student Council Secretary Election
    • Detail: During the event period, you can challenge one of two event stages.
    • Each event stage includes 15 levels.
    • Whenever clearing the event stage, you can obtain the event item according to the event stage.
    • You can purchase various items in the event item shop with the event item from the event stages.
    • Event costumes and furniture will be the same as the previous list of 2023 Everschool Event.
    • ※ If you already have the limited items from 2023 Everschool Event, you can’t purchase the same items.
  • Event Raid – VS G. Mephi
    • Detail: During the event period, you can challenge the event raid boss – G. Mephi.
    • You can challenge the raid 3 times per day, and the Sweep feature will be available after the 1st challenge.
    • You can obtain the event medal and Gold / Mana Dust / Mana Crystal according to the damage dealt to the event raid boss.
    • You can join the prize gacha with the event medal.
  • Winning Items: After-School Gym Storage (Loot Mana Dust +20/min) (1 time), Fluffy School Life – Mephistopheles’ event costume (1 time), Soul’s Memory: Mephistopheles x60 (1 time), Soul’s Memory: Epic x60 (1 time), Expert Artifact Stone Chest x8 (1 time), Epic Soul Type Selection Chest x1 (repeatable), Artifact Summon Ticket x40 (repeatable)
    • You can skip the round and go to the next round when obtaining the winning items, and if you claim the 50th reward without skipping additional ‘Artifact Summon Ticket x5’ will be given.
    • If you already have 1st, 2nd round winning items (key items), the winning items will be changed to Everstones.
    • After-School Gym Storage → Everstone x250 / Fluffy School Life → Everstone x500

Costume illustrations for Mephistopheles / Linzy / Claire will be implemented.

Pick-Up Choice Summon Renewal

  • The Pick-Up Choice Summon feature will be renewed.
  • Selectable Souls in Pick-Up Choice Summon will be added.
    • AS IS: Mephistopheles / Jiho / Velanna / Honglan / Erika / Aki (6 Souls)
    • TO BE: Mephistopheles / Jiho / Velanna / Honglan / Erika / Aki / Garnet / Manon / Xiaolian / Naomi / Daphne / Melfice / Bryce / Lute / Eileen / Edith / Otoha (17 Souls)
  • On the first login after the maintenance of Apr 18 (Thu), you can choose the Pick-Up Choice Summon which will be activated for 7 days.
  • If the Pick-Up Choice Summon is chosen, the Pick-Up Summon for the chosen Soul will be available for 14 days.
  • If the Pick-Up Choice Summon is already activated, the activated Pick-Up Summon will be kept.

New Feature – Furnace

  • Furnace feature will be implemented in the Town.
  • Schedule: Apr 18, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance
  • You can use the Furnace in the left side of the fountain in the Commercial District.
  • You can incinerate furniture (objects) below the epic grade in the Furnace.
    • You have to push the [Incinerate] button for 3 seconds to activate incineration.
  • You can obtain [Ashes of Progression] by incineration, and the consumed furniture will be gone. Forever.
  • [Ashes of Progression] increases Town exp when it is in Savior’s inventory. (ie. no need to deploy in the Town)
  • You can also find [Ashes of Progression] in the Town shop with low probability.


  • Nicole’s love story will be released.


  • Zodiac Preset feature will be implemented.


  • Illustration for Soonie’s love story costume will be implemented.
  • Illustrations for Mica/Seeha’s pre-order costume will be implemented.


  • Fixed an issue of ‘The Dark Knight Keepsake’ issue.
  • Fixed unmatched voice lines with the text of Claudia.
  • Some voices in the story dungeon will be sounded appropriately.
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