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  • New Counter Pass – Secret Service Lycoris
  • Arcade – THE NEW age
  • Challenge Stage – Let’s Go, A.R.S.!
  • Substream Event – Dead End Road

New Counter Pass – Secret Service Lycoris

Secret Service Lycoris is an alt-persona character who specializes in controlling enemies via knockback. She’s one of the few Counter-type units who don’t have a Special Skill and instead have 2 Passives – similar to Soldiers.

While she’s categorized as a Striker, her range is actually pretty decent and she’s fighting in the zone between the frontline and Rangers. Her stats are also in the higher range for 3-cost units and she can stay alive for quite a long time – on top of producing good enough damage herself. That’s thanks to the coefficient numbers on her Basic and Ultimate which are pretty high. This combined with constant knockback form her Basic means that she can control the enemies and kill them fast.


  • PVP – B
  • PVE Early – C
  • PVE Late – D

Improvements and Changes

1. DE / FR versions of the following have been updated

  • Goodbye, Tanaberin
  • Griffin Rider Christina Brecht
  • Plaga
  • Memorial Skins
  • Stormbringer Jake Walker’s Creator Contest Skin
  • Batty Mitchie

2. Guide Missions on [Ban Select] has been updated

  • Winning Rate >> Win Count

3. Flashback Scenes are added

  • 1 Old Fear
  • 3 Dead End Road
  • 1 A Wish that You Don’t Know
  • 3 Starry Night

4. [Otherworld Delivery Disaster] – Yoo Mina’s Bizarre Adventure will be extended for 1 more day. 

Before: Ends April 16, 2024, 22:00 (UTC-5)

After: Ends April 18, 2024, 00:00 (UTC-5)


  • A fix where Replacer Knight’s Gauntlet skin, [Knight of the End World]’s effect has been corrected.
  • A fix where the Kraken Raid’s BGM was playing something else.
  • A fix where the remaining days for the EP.11 were being displayed.
  • A fix where some enemy’s display information was not being shown as intended.
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