The next hero coming to AFK Journey announced!


Florabelle will be the next hero added to AFK Journey! Florabelle is an S-level Wilder and she will be released right after Vala’s banner ends on the 16th of April. Her class currently isn’t known.

When it comes to Esperia’s most amiable hero, there’s only one answer—Florabelle! Despite her gentle appearance, she is a formidable fighter. Getting hit by the attack of her Bulbsprite babies can really sting. Let’s take a look at today’s hero to learn more about this charming and powerful new character!

Standing at 175cm tall, Florabelle is always accompanied by 3 little companions, affectionately known as the Sleepyhead, the Mischief-Maker, and Adorable


Florabelle relies mainly on summoning her three Bulbsprite babies to deal damage while she boosts their attacks.

Ultimate: Pounding Blow

At the start of a battle, Florabelle summons a spear-wielding Bulbsprite to assist her. When casting her ultimate, Florabelle summons a mighty hammer-wielding Bulbsprite, dealing high damage and knocking enemies within an area in the air. With powerful AoE attacks and control effects, Florabelle is an excellent choice for your crowd control formations.

Skill 1: Overgrowth

Feeds a “snack” to the Bulbsprite baby with the highest Attack, enlarging it and granting it powerful buffs for a limited duration. Don’t underestimate this skill – it can deal significant damage to enemies in many combat situations.

Skill 2: Tiny Sharpshooter

Florabelle summons a short bow Bulbsprite. If there’s already a short bow Bulbsprite on the battlefield when this skill is cast, it will instead unleash a burst of arrows, hitting enemies with multiple shots in a short amount of time. This skill gives Florabelle a decent ranged attack capability.

Passive: Protective Blessing

Florabelle’s passive skill grants a permanent shield to allied summons. She never hesitates to lend a hand to fellow summoners.

Official blog

You can find the official blog with some more information here.


Here’s the trailer announcing her:

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  1. Nuzzrio

    shes really pretty but im just sad shes not thatttt good was expecting cecia powercreep lol

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