AFK Journey – 11 April Patch Notes

Here’s the content of the upcoming AFK Journey patch:

We’ve scheduled a no-downtime update for April 11 to improve your in-game experience and will notify you via in-game mail when the update is complete. To apply the changes, simply restart the game once you’ve received the notification. Here are the update details.

Major Updates

  1. The Trial of Abyss becomes available on the 18th day following the server launch. You can unlock this feature by completing all current AFK stages (1125) and the Main Quest The Last Leg. Prepare to challenge up to 300 stages and earn valuable rewards, including Stellar Crystals!
  2. Added Cross Server Friends feature, allowing you to engage in Synergy Battles, Proxy Battles, and challenges against Corrupt Creatures alongside players from other servers. The maximum number of friends you can add has been increased from 40 to 60 to support this feature.
  3. Adjusted Primal Lord kill rewards and time requirements based on each server’s kill progress. The time limit required for the highest-tier kill reward has been extended from 5 to 8 days.

Experience Optimizations

  1. Lowered the level requirements for joining Corrupt Creature teams in specific regions
  2. Weakened the second wave of enemies in AFK Stages with multiple waves of enemies.
  3. The daily purchase limit of Duel Letters in Honor Duel has been increased to 30 times per day. If you log in for the first time before the update, this change will take effect the following day. However, if you first log in for the first time after the update, the change will take effect immediately.
  4. Optimized the description text for the 10x Recruitment option in the Noble Tavern for clarity. Recruitment mechanics remain unchanged.
  5. Optimized the description of the Rate Up Recruitment event rule in the Noble Tavern for clarity. Recruitment mechanics remain unchanged.
  6. Optimized the description of the Guild Chest distribution rules for clarity. Distribution mechanics remain unchanged.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue where tapping the Rankings button on the Expert Dueler event page didn’t navigate correctly to the Honor Duel Ranking interface.
  2. Fixed abnormal ranking sorting issues in some cases in Battle Drills Rankings.
  3. Fixed a problem in the Dream Realm preparation interface where the level didn’t update immediately after switching the Hands of Resonance heroes.
  4. Fixed the issue where icons were not displayed on the mini-map in caves.
  5. Fixed an issue where the exclamation point reminder on titles wouldn’t disappear after tapping on them in certain cases.

Combat Mechanics

Anantara – Desert Fury

Fixed issue with Antandra’s Ultimate where damage did not increase upon reaching level 3. Now, at level 3, Shield Assault deals 450% of Antandra’s Attack instead of 440%.

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  1. Michael

    Stuck on quest “The corrupted path” Find herbs. I can’t click on the wolves to fight or pick up the herbs. They are completely non-selectable. Please help.

    1. MURK

      Same here. Wolves and herb bush aren’t interactable, even after trying to relog.

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