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  • Mainstream Update – EP. 11 Exile
  • New Awakened Employee – Great Silence Ecclesia
  • New Alternium Reactors – Great Silence Ecclesia
  • 50 Free Recruitment Event!
  • Returning Employees – Mors, Spira and Carmen
  • Returning Operators – Serina Crew, Vivian Rashford and Lena Mackenzie.
  • Capital Point Event
  • Danger Close – Knight of the Lake
  • Raid: Kraken Season
  • Challenge Stage – Old Administration Training Method
  • Substream Event – Proof of Heart
  • Arcade – The Red Queen and the White Queen

Mainstream Update EP. 11 Exile

New Awakened Employee – Great Silence Ecclesia

Awakened Mors… Sorry, Great Silence Ecclesia is an Awakened Defender who specializes in supporting her allies, instead of being a classical tank. Most of her stats are middle of the pack when you compare her to other Awakened Defenders which means she won’t be the tankiest among the bunch, but she makes up for it with above-average damage.

As we already mentioned, Ecclesia is more of a Supporter – she gives all allies 1000 HIT flat, which is an absurd amount that can greatly help your Rangers to counter those pesky EVA-type characters and actually make them barely miss their attacks – as they will become nearly as good as Snipers. On top of the HIT buff, Ecclesia can also debuff enemies and amplify all the damage they receive using her Skill via DMG Accel – a new mechanic where the damage taken by a debuffed enemy increases every time they receive damage from the same source.

These ally buffs make her quite useful in raids, where she can greatly increase the damage output of your entire team.

Ecclesia Ultimate also helps allies – this time by giving them Debuff Immunity, similar to Olivia Park Operator. Her damage will also be increased based on the number of allies who were affected by the buff. And it actually can hit really hard.


  • PVP – SS
  • PVE (Early) – S
  • PVE (Late) – S

New Alternium Reactors – Great Silence Ecclesia

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