Counter Side KR – New character and Operator

New Character – Spencer

  • Type: Soldier
  • Role: Supporter
  • Deployment cost: 3
  • Attack type: All
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 1 Valid Hits

  • Fires the revolver in front, dealing damage to the target

Passive: Ablister D14

  • Equips a self-modified magnum revolver in combat. DMG Dealt to C.O.-type units is increased by 100%
    • Lv5: +40% Anti-C.O. DMG

Special Skill: Artifact Expedition – 25s CD (20s)

  • Deploys an expedition drone that collects volatile artifacts that can dissolve corruption and strengthen all allies except for self. Each artifact has an equal chance to be obtained, and grants a buff to all allies excluding self for 12s depending on that wave color. (Each wave effects can co-exist with each other).

    [Green Wave]: Anti-C.O. DMG +30%
    [Blue Wave]: Anti-C.O. DMG +40%
    [Red Wave]: Anti-C.O. DMG +50%
  • Lv5: The base buff effect increases by 50% for allied Soldiers excluding self.

Passive 2: Resonant Cradle System

  • Every 3rd special skill will recall a successful expedition drone that grants all allies excluding self [Red Wave] for 12s. Additionally emits a distortion wave the reduces the ATK of C.O.-type units within range by 50% and their DEF by 25% for 25s.
    • Lv5: Anti-C.O. DMG RES +40%

New Operator – Sasha

Trigger sequence: Striker – Ranger – Ranger


  • Level 1: Immediately recovers 0.45 Deployment Resources (+0.15 per LV.), grants all allied Rangers +5.5% ATK, ASPD for 12s (+3.5% per LV.).
  • Level 8: Immediately recovers 1.5 Deployment Resources, grants all allied Rangers +30% ATK, ASPD for 12s. This effect cannot be removed.
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