Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Summary + Release Date!

Wuthering Waves Release Date

The release date for Wuthering Waves has been revealed – 22.05.2024! The game will be available on PC and Android/Apple devices, but PS4/PS5 won’t be supported on launch.

And here you can watch the release cinematic:

Improvements Summary

A list of improvements that will be available on the game’s release has been also shown during the broadcast:

  • The Echoes System has been improved:
    • You will be able to merge Echoes via the Data Merge feature,
      • 5 unenhanced Echoes can be converted into at least 1 random Echo (based on the level of your Data Bank),
    • You will be able to use enhanced Echoes to level other ones and get a portion of the Tuners back, based on the enhancement level of the consumed Echo,
    • You will be able to equip the Shiny Echo skin on any other Echo of the same type that you have – so you don’t have to hunt for the perfect Shiny Echo with stats you want, so you can use it in combat,
    • Tacet Fields will give more Echoes and materials,
      • In the future, the cooldown for Tacet Fields will be reduced,
  • Story Questline has been reorganized and improved, so the first few hours of the main story feel more engaging and flow better,
  • The story presentation (camera work and angles) has been improved,
  • Sound effects have been improved across the board – for combat (skills and Echoes) and story animations,
  • The controller will be supported on release and you will be able to remap keyboard controls.

Pre-register rewards

And here are the pre-register rewards that include 20 pulls – this will make rerolling much easier!


You can watch the full Special Broadcast here:

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