New Awakened Unit – Mordred (KR)

Mainstream EP. 11 – Exile

In the aftermath of the Qliphoth Game, Tammiel awakens, and the world of Counterside faces a great change. 

In this Mainstream, the story begins with the Administrator’s ordeal starting with Noelle’s entry into the Coffin Company, and the stories of incidents and accidents that happened all over the world will be reunited through this main episode, and the prelude to the third main incident will begin.

Please look forward to the new CounterSide’s main episode after the [Administration Complete].

New Alternium Reactor

The April Alternum Reactor targets are [Six Wings Na Yubin], [Lulu Nightmare], and [Lucid].

Six Wings Na Yubin is an employee that refluxes the enemy’s barriers and reduces the enemy’s ASPD and ATK through Special Skill and Ultimate Skill. The Alternum Reactor is being planned to increase the skill usage frequency of Six Wings Na Yubin to strengthen this feature.

Lulu Nightmare, the embodiment of nightmares, is immune to Sleep and nullifies enemy buffs. Lulu Nightmare’s Alternum Reactor is being prepared to give her a more  Nightmare-like vibe with the ability to counter employees that use Sleep status effects.

Lucid, who summons Corrupted Objects to fight together, is being planned to improve the overall ability of the summoned creatures through the Alternum Reactor.

The effects of the Alternum Reactor will be explained in more detail in future patch notes.

New Taskforce Plan – Senior Plan

After the Origin, many new Taskforce plans have been updated along with other QoL improvements for our CEOs. 

In April, we plan to add the Senior Plan to the list of CEOs who have been around for a long time.

The [Senior Plan] is designed with a somewhat higher difficulty level for existing CEOs to challenge. Upon completing all missions, a special dedicated title will be awarded.

Senior Plan

Raid Support System Improvement

Raid support system improvement is coming soon.

Currently, when multiple raid bosses appear on the world map, you need to request support for each raid individually. To improve this, a raid mass support request feature will be added, allowing you to request help from consortium members and partners more conveniently.

In addition, the UI for raid support requests will be improved as follows:

  • Additional information on the Branch where the raid occurred along with who the Branch manager is.
  • Information of the discoverer’s consortium information.
  • Addition of functionality to confirm whether the raid discoverer is a partner and whether the discoverer is a member of the consortium.
  • Addition of sorting functionality.

  * You can sort raids by level and remaining time.

  * Raids from the previous season will be sorted to the bottom regardless of the sorting function.

Gauntlet Surrender System

The surrender function will be added to Strategy and Ranked Battle, Friendly Match, and Arcade.

The function will activate 20 seconds after the match starts, and you can select the option via [Pause → Surrender]. 

This will result in the immediate destruction of your ship and count as a defeat.

Replacer Knight – Gauntlet Skin

The 2024 Loyal season will come to an end on March 31 at 08:00 (UTC-5) and on the same day, the 2024 Devoted season will begin starting at 14:00 (UTC-5).

The Gauntlet skin’s owner for the upcoming season is Replacer Knight where you will be able to receive it when you reach Diamond 5 in the Ranked Battle.

New April Fool’s Seasonal Episode

In this year’s April Fools’ seasonal event episode, not only will the existing story be continued, but also a new story will be revealed.

The first story will follow Horizon Finance, where they infiltrate a casino and become entangled in a series of events, which was live on March 27.

On April 3, the story of Jake Walker who sets out to find a woman who looks exactly like himself will be live.

We sincerely apologize to all our CEOs for being a week later than the release date we announced in the Origin broadcast, for we were preparing the skin release accompanied by a new April Fool’s seasonal episode. 

Dorothy – You mean like this?

Noelle Wright – Did it come out well?

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