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  • Are there any plans to modify Linzy’s modeling?
    • I tried to patch on Thursday, but a problem occurred and I rolled back and applied it to the next patch.
  • Main Story – Check Roadmap
  • Please give me Ina, not Dominique.
    • It will come out someday.
  • Is there a pick-up plan for Helena?
    • There is no plan.
  • Are there any furniture passes for resale?
    • Furniture sold for cash will continue to be added to the antique store.
  • Are there big differences in World Raid boss individual rewards depending on rank?
    • The balance team is discussing it, and as the director, I also have to ask.
  • Eversoul on mobile is experiencing lag. Please fix this.
    • This engine update can be optimized. Please wait.
  • When will it be released in Japan?
    • The Japanese launch plan will be announced at the media live show taking place this Thursday.
  • When will the constellation presets be released?
    • Constellation presets. I’ve made it all and will apply the patch this Thursday. If there are no problems, I will patch it. If a problem arises, it is postponed.
  • Please upgrade Xiaolian/Soyeon.
    • Even if we upgrade, it will take time, so we will proceed after analyzing the data.
  • Nine Ark, are you human? How could you do that to Renee?
    • Renee’s fate costume is being produced.
  • I have a lot of mana dust left. Please help me solve this problem.
    • How much dust remains? I will check where Dust is used.
  • When will Yuria’s costume and Tower of Origin come out?
    • Yuria’s costume appears in Part 2 of Everschool, and the Tower of Origin is still a long way off in that order.
  • Will Vellana Awakening come out?
    • It’s under review, but I don’t know if it will come out or not.
  • Do you always come as a Beleth Operator?
    • Patch on Thursday. If the engine upgrade goes well, there will be more things to do.
  • Equipment enhancements are too expensive. Please solve it
    • I’m seriously aware of the lack of gold, and I’m also worried about the serious lack of Enchantment Stones, so please wait.
    • I also play on the Korean server and am scolding the development team for not having gold.
  • There are too few regalia.
    • The World Raid lighthouse keeper also gives you an emblem (KeepSake).
  • Is there something this April Fool’s Day?
    • Well, I don’t know either.
  • Please add spirits that do not have fate costume illustrations.
    • Just like the addition of Soonie, illustrations are being added continuously.
  • Do you have any plans for collaboration?
    • There is no plan. I’m preparing to do a collaboration, but I’ll reveal it when the time comes.
  • Are you preparing Jacqueline’s relationship story?
    • I think it will be applied next quarter.
  • How are the World Boss servers divided?
    • There are global servers in Korea, Asia, and North America, and it is conducted on three servers.
  • Are there any plans for plastic surgery for rare spirits?
    • I have a plan. Rosé also tried to get plastic surgery, but there was a problem with too many facial expressions, so she rolled it back and said she will go out next time, so please wait.
  • Please let me replay the relationship story for free.
    • It’s worth thinking about whether to add it to the monthly subscription and make it free, so I’ll give it a monthly subscription instead of just doing it.
  • When will there be a balance patch?
    • There is not enough data collected, so I will do it after collecting it.
  • Aren’t there any more new songs coming out?
    • There is no new song from Aki, but there is a new song from Aki to subdue evil spirits. Then go and listen to the music.
  • Please get rid of the prize system.
    • I have a sold out product, but is it still a big deal? I’ll think about it a little more. There is a sold out product and I thought it was resolved, but it’s a shame.
  • Please allow us to view Champions Arena individually.
    • Are you saying you only want to see the third edition? I’ll take a look and give it a try.
  • Is there no other answer than releasing the excess spirits?
    • You can liberate it and make it into a memory fragment to purchase an awakening spirit.
  • Isn’t there a tower of Jiho’s prayers?
    • Not this quarter, but next quarter.
  • Can you add illustrations from conversations in Evertalk to an album?
    • It is a low-resolution image, but the image may be broken, so I will try to insert it carefully.
  • Are there any bugs in Eversoul?
    • There are no bugs in Eversoul. Eversoul is a game without bugs.
  • Please give me more special touches.
    • We will continue to add to it steadily.
  • Please increase your friend spirit rental.
    • It should not increase. The balance collapses. I still want to reduce it, but I can’t.
  • Please add Korean spirits.
    • Additional Korean spirits are being planned.
  • Are there any plans to add Guild Raid bosses?
    • There are plans to add bosses in the next quarter, so unfortunately, we will wait until next quarter to reveal it.
  • Please sell song CDs and goods.
    • This is difficult.
  • What happened to Monster Village?
    • Ma Mulchon went to the cave of death. But don’t worry. Since there is someone who came back alive from the death cave, the monster village can one day return from the death cave and return to the awakened monster village.
  • Are there any plans for an animation once the Japanese server takes off?
    • If it’s going well, what can’t you do? I am ready to do everything now.
  • When will the rest of the Ark Spirits be revealed?
    • Besides Belet, Mephi, the other sister will be released within this year.
  • Do you have any plans after Spirit Origin+5?
    • There is none, so please free yourself.
  • Are there any offline events?
    • There isn’t one, but someone said they are setting up an Eversoul booth in May, so go there then.
  • Can you please let me look at the Guild Raid Deck 1, Deck 2, and Deck 3 scores?
    • I don’t understand exactly what you mean, so I’ll ask the developer.
  • Are your paid costume plans going well?
    • No. It’s not going well. I don’t know what to do and I’m just crushed.
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