AFK Journey Patch Notes (1.1.13)

Patch highlights

New features/content

  • Added the ability to level past the current 240-level cap,
  • New mode – Trial of Abyss,
  • New event – Forward Journey. You can earn cosmetic rewards for progressing through the AFK Stages,
  • New Event – Expert Dueler. Starts on April 8 and rewards Parisa skin,
  • New Event – Follow the game social media to earn Diamonds,
  • New Boss added to Primal Fear mode – Alpha Bear,
  • Battle Drills have been optimized,
  • New cosmetics and new titles added.

Optimizations (only highlights, check full patch notes for full)

  • Added cross-server chat channel,
    • is this the first step to cross-server guilds?
  • Added Skip feature to Stargaze Station entrance,
  • Added VA to the current main storyline,
  • Added VA to every currently available hero,
  • Added Fashion and Skin rewards to some quests,
  • Korin and Parisa Ultimate animation updated.

Patch Notes

Major Updates

  1. Added Resonance Synergy, unlocked after reaching Resonance Level 240, increasing the hero level cap alongside Resonance Synergy level upgrades.
  2. Added Trial of Abyss: Unlock it by meeting specific conditions and take on 120 super challenging levels.
  3. Added Forward Journey event, unlocked after reaching AFK Stage 30. Progress through AFK Stages during the event to earn Cosmetics “Decisive Adjudicator” and “Shimmering Illuminator”.
  4. Added Expert Dueler event, starting April 8th at UTC 0:00. Participate in Honor Duel and complete event quests to claim the hero skin Parisa – Creek Vines.
  5. Added Social Media Following event, allowing players to claim Diamonds by following the community.
  6. Added “Archives”, documents from the Inventory will be collected here.
  7. Added Boss Alpha Bear in the Primal Lord. Challenge the Boss by visiting designated areas during their awakening period.
  8. Adjusted instance design and unlock nodes in Battle Drills, optimizing interface experience, and significantly balancing difficulty and reward values.
  9. Added off-season to Glory Expedition without affecting the weekly Guild Chest settlements.
  10. Added a series of Cosmetics and Facial Wears.
  11. Added a series of new titles.

Experience Optimizations

  1. Added a cross-server chat channel. Please note that the past chat messages in the server and team channels may display incorrectly, but new messages will appear as usual. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
  2. Added skip feature for Stargaze Station entrance animation.
  3. Optimized hero recommendation feature and displayed it across multiple modes.
  4. Optimized Guild recommendation list and application process.
  5. Optimized experience in Corrupt Creature.
  6. Optimized experience in Growth Path.
  7. Added Battle Drills related quests in Growth Trials.
  8. Optimized display of battle scenes in landscape mode on PC.
  9. Optimized interface animations for hero level-up and ascension.
  10. Optimized icons for Soulstone (A-Level) and Soulstone (S-Level).
  11. Chatting is now available during AFK Stage Auto Battle.
  12. Optimized logic for quest guide lines. Guide lines now display the correct path even when targets are on other zones.
  13. Optimized experience of using mouse wheel for zooming on PC.
  14. Updated some items in the Friendship Store.
  15. Optimized your World exploration experience.
  16. Added interaction for Matched Gesture by tapping the bubble button.
  17. Added PC landscape adaptation testing version for 19 significant storyline animations; continuous optimizations will follow.
  18. Completed English voiceovers for current main storyline.
  19. Added English voiceovers for 41 heroes, including theirs in combat and Hero Hall systems.
  20. Added Side Quests “Woodland Secret” and “First Lesson”.
  21. Added Heart-to-Heart content in chapters Lucent’s Lament, Woodland Pledge, and Reawakened Power.
  22. Optimized hero performance and animations in the Mystical House.
  23. Optimized content performance in specific stories.
  24. Some quests now offer Fashion and Skin rewards.
  25. Optimized Ultimate performances for Korin and Parisa; as a result, their Ultimate animations will change.
  26. Adjusted battle difficulty for enemies above level 240.
  27. Optimized logic for selecting MVP heroes at the end of battles.
  28. Adjusted titles and skill names for some heroes in the game. Refer to in-game descriptions for details.

Combat Mechanics

  1. Odie – Desert Defender
    • Fixed an issue where the hero sometimes experienced a brief pause after using the Corrosive Dart.
  1. Carolina – Candlelight Specter
    • Fixed an issue where the snowballs generated by Snowball Witchery could attack controlled enemies that could not be selected (for example, enemies affected by Reinier’s Ultimate – Mutual Reflection).
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