Reverse: 1999 – Marcus Preview

Character PV

Role Introduction

Marcus is a Mental Plant DPS whose focus is taking advantage of the Eureka system to self-upgrade her Incantations, as well as passively applying [Weakness] (Annotation) debuff on enemies. This helps both with the team’s survivability and granting an additional source of Eureka gain to Marcus herself.

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I1: Increase max [Eureka] by 1. At the start of the round, if there is no enemy under the effect of [Annotation], inflicts [Annotation] on a random enemy (prioritizes Boss targets). Also at the start of the round, if Marcus’ [Eureka] has reached a certain amount of stacks, consume all stacks of [Eureka] to grant +1 stars to a random incantation of Marcus.

I2: Upon entering battle, increase ATK.

I3: At the start of the round, gain [Eureka]. If the number of Plant, Spirit, or Intelligence Afflatus characters on the field reaches a certain number, gain [Intensive Reading]. If this condition is not met, dispel [Intensive Reading].

[Annotation]: When the carrier takes an action, Marcus gains [Eureka].
[Intensive Reading]: When using incantations at rank 2/3, gain Moxie.

Skill 1: Intensive Reading Session

1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG. This attack enjoys increased Penetration Rate.

Skill 2: In The Lamplight

Mass attack. Deals Mental DMG to 2 enemies and inflicts [Weakness] on them. DMG Dealt is increased when attacking enemies under the effect of [Annotation].

Weakness: When the caster attacks, DMG Bonus -25% (-1 stack after trigger).

Ultimate: A Greater Perspective

Mass Attack. Deals Mental DMG to all enemies and DMG Dealt is increased when attacking enemies under the effect of [Annotation]. Increases own [Eureka] and grants [Marcus, Prepare!] to self.

[Marcus, Prepare!]: At the start of the round, a Level 1/2/3 “Intensive Reading Session” is generated.


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