Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 reveal stream summary!

Have you missed the recent stream? No worries! We’ve got a summary for you!

Release date

The 2.1 patch of Honkai: Star Rail will be released on the 27th of March and it will double down as the anniversary patch which means more freebies!


Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming patch:


You can rewatch the whole stream here:


  • New character – Acheron
  • New character – Aventurine
  • New character – Gallagher
  • Upcoming Banners
  • Anniversary Information
  • New Relics
  • New Events
  • New Systems
  • Other updates
  • Codes

New character – Acheron

Acheron is a 5-star Lightning element character who follows the path of Nihility.


A drifter claiming to be a Galaxy Ranger. Her true name is unknown, and she walks the cosmos alone, carrying with her a long sword. Though aloof and taciturn, her blade flicks out like lashing lightning. And yet, she always strikes with her scabbard, never drawing the sword free.

Combat Role

Acheron is a unique character in that way she doesn’t use Energy. To activate her ultimate, she needs to obtain 9 stacks of Slashed Dreams – which she can gain by using her skill or when any ally (or enemy) applies a debuff to enemies.

Acheron is a DPS character who accumulates charges by inflicting debuffs on enemies to unleash her Ultimate. With her Ultimate, Acheron ignores enemy Weakness Types, drains all enemies’ Toughness, and reduces their Type RES. Acheron’s Technique can also instantly eliminate some enemy targets during exploration.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicDeals Lightning DMG to a single enemy.
SkillOctobolt FlashDeals Lightning DMG to a single target enemy and any adjacent targets.

Gains 1 stack of Slashed Dreams.
UltimateSlashed Dream Cries in RedUnleash multiple attacks on a single enemy, dealing Lightning DMG three times (you can specify the enemy), followed by an attack that hits every enemy, dealing Lightning DMG again.
TalentAtop Rainleaf Hangs OnenessWhen Slashed Dream reaches 9 stacks, the Ultimate can be activated.

When any unit inflicts debuffs on an enemy target (this includes enemies debuffing themselves), Acheron gains 1 stack of Slashed Dream.
TechniqueQuadrivalent AscendanceImmediately attacks the enemy. If attacking a normal enemy, immediately defeats them without entering combat (it also works in Simulated Universe).

Technique points won’t be consumed if an enemy isn’t hit.

New character – Aventurine

Aventurine is a 5-star Imaginary element character who follows the path of Preservation.


A senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts. His Cornerstone is “Aventurine of stratagems.” He possesses an air of frivolity and doesn’t shy away from taking risks. His constant smile makes it difficult for people to discern his true feelings. He won his current position by wagering against fate itself. He views life as a high-stakes, high-return investment, and he plays this particular gamble with masterful ease.

Combat Role

Aventurine is a defensive character who can provide a stackable Shield effect called Fortified Wager for all allies and increase the Effect RES of allies. Additionally, Aventurine can accumulate charges through various means and trigger follow-up attacks.


Here are his skills revealed during the stream:

BasicDeals Imaginary DMG to a single enemy.
SkillCornerstone DeluxeProvides all allies with a shield that lasts for a set of turns and can be stacked.
UltimateRoulette SharkRandomly gains some points of Blind Bet.

Deals Imaginary DMG to the single target enemy and inflicts a debuff on him. When an ally hits the target, their CRIT DMG dealt increases.
TalentShot Loaded RightWhile allies are attacked when the shield from Skill is active, one Blind Bet is granted.

Upon reaching 7 stacks of Blind Bet, Aventurine consumes them all to launch a follow-up attack, dealing Imaginary DMG to all enemies. This also applies a shield to all allies.
TechniqueThe Red or the BlackAfter using the Technique, gains a random amount of DEF and shares it with allies after the battle starts.

New character – Gallagher

Gallagher is a 4-star Fire element character who follows the path of Abundance.


A security officer of the Bloodhound Family at Penacony. He is also a slovenly and indolent mixologist. Though unorganized in apparel and casual in how he makes his drinks, he is always courteous toward guests but keeps his vigilance about him. He seems to be a character with a complicated past, yet never actively mentions any details.

Combat Role

Gallagher is a support character with offensive capabilities. His Ultimate can attack all enemy targets, causing them to fall into the “Besotted” state, while also strengthening Gallagher’s next Basic ATK. When allies attack Besotted enemies, the attacker’s health is restored.


Here are his skills revealed during the stream:

BasicDeals Fire DMG to a single enemy.
Basic (enhanced)Nectar Blitz
Deals Fire DMG to a single enemy and reduces the target’s ATK.
SkillSpecial BrewImmediately heals a target ally.
UltimateChampagne EtiquetteInflicts a special debuff on all enemies, lasting for a set number of turns, and deals Fire DMG. Also enhances the next Basic ATK to Nectar Blitz.
TalentTipsy TussleEvery time a debuffed target (with the Ultimate special debuff) is attacked by an ally, the attacker’s HP gets restored.
TechniqueArtisan ElixirImmediately attacks the enemy. Upon entering battle, inflicts the special debuff on all enemies.

Upcoming Banners

Luocha and Jingliu banners will be rerun during the patch:

  • Luocha banner will be available during the first part, at the same time as Acheron’s banner,
  • Jingliu banner will be available during the second part, at the same time as Aventurine’s banner.

On top of the new 5-star signature Light Cones, the Aventurine banner will feature a new 4-star Light Cone:

Anniversary information

Anniversary event – Cosmodyssey

The Anniversary event will be a Monopoly-like game where you can obtain free resources for yourself and every other player. Basically, you roll a dice and step on random fields to activate various mini-games, quizzes, and other events.

Anniversary quiz summary

  • The Simulated Universe will be optimized in 2.3 patch so people can quickly obtain Planar Ornaments without spending too much time there,
  • March 7th will introduce a new feature to the game (and the whole series) where similar to the Trailblazer she will be able to switch to another Path in a system that will be unique to her (related to her recovering memories). And this will happen somewhere during 2024,
  • Tingyun’s fate will be revealed this year,
  • Leaks that spoil the story heavily impact the writers as they want to make things perfect and the leaks often don’t tell the whole story, leading to people harassing each other and the devs because they dislike what they learned.

New main story

The 2.1 update will introduce a new main story mission – The Devil in Velvet – and two new areas.

During the stream, the main writer behind the 2.0 update said that the 2.1 main story won’t be as happy and straightforward as 2.0, so we can expect half the cast to die.

New Areas

Two new areas will be added to the game with the 2.1 update:

New relics

Two new Planetary Relics will be added in the 2.1 patch as the Simulated Universe will gain a new world – World 9.

Their full effects weren’t sadly revealed and we only know what role they fill in:

  • Sigonia – is a DPS set, suitable for prolonged battles against multiple waves of enemies (so Pure Fiction set),
  • Izumo – provides additional bonuses to the wearer when there’s an ally from the same Path in the team.

New events

Other updates

  • You can redeploy Dispatches with one click,
  • Stash increased from 1500 to 2000 for Relics.


Here are three codes revealed with the stream:

  • YTRN743TSUL7
  • 2S8N6M3ATV6T

Each gives 100 Stellar Jades and some other goodies!

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  1. Yo

    During the stream, the main writer behind the 2.0 update said that the 2.1 main story won’t be as happy and straightforward as 2.0, so we can expect half the cast to die.

    Alright RIP Himeko

    1. LemurCatta

      LMFAO that’s exactly the line I came here to comment

  2. Mistiria

    I really hope we get out of this with at least most of the Astral Express crew and Firefly alive. I really hope that we can save Firefly

  3. Shree

    In the Anniversary picture where we can see the events and the ticket and gems they give, there is a typo: Instead of “First time bonus’s” we have “first time bouns” and whenever I try to create a comment, it automatically Capitalizes the first letter after a period or space for the email and link and it’s really annoying when you’re trying to put your email or link…

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