New Teammate – [Shattered Pride] Vicente

  • Grade: SSR
  • Element: Red
  • Role: Assassin
  • New Teammate, SSR [Shattered Pride] Vicente has been added to Summon, Codex, Soulstone, Archive, and Gem.
  • [Shattered Pride] Vicente can be obtained through the Summon Teammates / Hot Deal Summon / SSR Soulstones / Red Soulstones.   

▶ Check out the [Shattered Pride] Vicente’s Introduction Video 

Urek Mazino [Sword of Chiquer] Costume

Shilial ‘Crown of Charme’

New Adventure Chapters

  • New Chapters (Fl. 61  to Fl. 70) have been added to the Adventure. 
Fl.61 Manor Training GroundFl.62 Sojourner’s GatewayFl.63 White Hall Restaurant
Fl.64 RefugeFl.65 Ruins of WarFl.66 Room in the Sky
Fl.67 Hermit’s GardenFl.68 Forgotten TombFl.69 Sky Lake Observatory
70F Snow Village Square

New Other Story

  • The 6th Other Story ‘Herring Chase’ has been added to the Story Mode.
  • The new Other Story will be unlocked upon clearing Act 6-1 in the Story Mode and can be accessed under [Other Story] in the upper right corner after entering the [Story Mode]. 
  • White Day Celebration One-Fifth Matchers!
    • Reward distribution period: 3/14/24 09:00 – 3/15/24 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Event Detail: In celebration of the White Day, Regulars who log into the game during the event period will receive One-Fifth Matchers x 5.
    • Find more information about One-Fifth Matchers in the [3/13 In-game Events] notice.
    • Go to the 3/13 In-game Events Notice
  • Stage Objective Mission Event
    • Event Period : After the 3/13 maintenance – 4/25 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Details: Clear new Adventure chapters 61, 63, 65, 67, and 70 to obtain mission points. You can acquire rewards based on the points earned. 
  • White Day Celebration Check-in Event
    • Event period: After the 3/13 maintenance – 3/28 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Details: During the event period, Regulars can receive check-in rewards by logging into the game.
  • Vicente’s Growth Missions Event
    • Event period: After the 3/13 maintenance – 3/28 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Details: Acquire an SSR [Shattered Pride] Vicente and complete missions to obtain additional [Shattered Pride] Vicente and other rewards.  
  • Catch Training Facility Boss Mule Love
    • Event Period: After the 3/13 maintenance – 3/28 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Details: During the event period, challenge the powerful Boss Battle against Mule Love. 
  • Alliance Expedition Season 7
    • Event Period: After the 3/13 maintenance – 3/23 08:59:59 (UTC+9)
    • Details: Join the Alliance and cooperate with all alliance members to challenge the boss together. 
    • Find more information about the new Bundles in the [3/13 In-game Events] notice. 
    • [Go to the 3/13 In-game Events Notice] 
  • Vicente Hot Deal Summon
    • Event Period: After the 3/13 maintenance – 3/28  08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Details: During the event period, the Hot Deal Summon will be available, allowing you to obtain various items, including the new SSR Teammate [Shattered Pride] Vicente! 
  • One-Fifth Matcher
    • Acquisition period for One-Fifth Matchers:  After the 3/13 maintenance – 3/28 08:49:59 (UTC+9)
    • Event Details: Try your luck with the  One-Fifth Matchers obtained by completing Daily Missions and purchasing products.
Acquisition SourceHow to Obtain
Daily MissionWhen you reach 100 points in cumulative daily missions, you will obtain One-Fifth Matchers x 1 included in the Achievement Reward
Product PurchaseObtain One-Fifth Matchers upon purchasing a product  ▶ [Go to the 3/13 New Bundles Notice]

Improvements and Adjustments

Underground Laboratory Difficulty Adjustments

  • Overall stats and skill balances, including Effect Resistance values of [Data] Edan and [Data] Gustang, who appear as bosses in the Underground Laboratory, have been adjusted. 

[Key Skill Adjustment Details]

 [Data] Edan– Skill: When using the Impenetrable Domain skill, the coefficient of the ATK of the released electric current against the attacked enemy increases. 
[Data] Gustang – Skill: The number of summonable flying patrol bots has been adjusted from 5 to 3. – Stat: Effect Resistance value has slightly increased.

Content Difficulty Adjustments

  • The overall stats of enemies appearing in the following content have been reduced.
Adventure Fl.3 – Fl.60Trial of ChaosTrial of OriginConquest
Guardian’s TestThe Secret FloorAlliance Expedition – ‘Search Phase’

Improvement in Probability Guidance Within Some Content

  • Probability info will be improved in certain content areas (such as loot, Conquest, etc.).
    • For detailed information, you can check by touching [Probability] within the in-game interface.
    • If the probability display exceeds 6 decimal points, it will be rounded to 5 decimal points for improvement.
      • There are no changes to the actual probabilities; only the display method has been modified.
      • The disclosed probabilities may not sum up to 100% due to rounding.


  • The highlighted border on the boss profile displayed upon entering stage 36 when challenging [Data] Edan and [Data] Gustang in the Underground Laboratory has been removed.
  • The issue where under certain circumstances, only one Patrol is Summoned when reusing the ‘Patrol AW-0’ skill after reaching level 4 of Data Gustang’s Exclusive Equipment has been fixed. 
  • The issue where the ‘Event’ tab is not displayed in the Story Mode [Replay] when it is not the event story progression period has been fixed.
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