As provided by GM Sigma (Studio BSide) in Official Counterside Global Discord.

Link to Additional FAQ Provided by ZLONG – Click Here.

  • Is SEA Server merging with Global?
    • Yes. As announced in the CounterSide SEA’s Facebook page, SEA is merging into Global. LINK
  • Will SEA have its own server after the merge?
    • No, Global Server will continue to have only Korea / Global server upon log in screen. SEA will merge into the Global Server.
  • I heard SEA was merging into KR Server when I asked Zlong Customer Service. Which server are we exactly merging into?
    • SEA is merging into GLOBAL SERVER*, 100%.
  • I see an announcement on the CounterSide SEA upon log in saying my paid currencies will not be transferred. Is this true?
    • All your currencies, paid or free, are going to be transferred 100%.
  • How can I get my Transfer Code?
    • CounterSide SEA’s game client.
  • What would happen if I loose my Transfer Code? Will Global Customer Service get my Transfer Code back?
    • If you lose your transfer code, your account is gone forever.
    • CounterSide Global Customer Service CANNOT assist you on this even if you bring any ownership verification documents, including receipts.
    • Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you save your transfer code somewhere you know you will remember.
  • Will I be able to get the Transfer Code AFTERWARD?
    • No.
    • You will not be able to get the code under any circumstances after the transfer period.
    • Transfer Period March 12 AFTER THE UPDATE – May 10, 2024 8:30 AM
  • Will SEA get further updates after March 12?
    • No, SEA server will no longer get updates until the merge.
  • What if I have two accounts? 1 in Global and 1 in SEA? Can I use both accounts?
    • ★★ Case 1 ★★
      • If you have CounterSide SEA and CounterSide Global bound to a SINGLE Google, Apple, or Facebook,
      • Then the following will happen.
      • If you use the transfer code on Global server after the merge,
      • The SEA server’s account information will override the Global server’s account information.
      • Hence, if you wish to continue with the GLOBAL SERVER’s account,
      • However, if you wish SEA server’s account information instead of Global, you may use the transfer code.
      • The overriden account information cannot be transferred to somewhere else or recoverable.
    • ★★ Case 2 ★★
      • If you have bound your CounterSide SEA and CounterSide Global account to a separate Google, Apple, and/or Facebook account, then  you will be able to play both accounts.
  • Will the Global Server support more languages?
    • CounterSide Global will continue to only service the languages that we are currently offering.
    • List of Supported Languages
      • English
      • Korean
      • German
      • French
      • Japanese
  • Will all my progress in SEA continue on?
    • Yes. ALL your data is coming to Global.
    • Therefore, as mentioned in #4, your in-game currencies, pity count, company level, consortium, and whatnot will be exactly the same.
    • The only things that are going to change are the following.
      • Your Business Registration Number
      • Your rankings in various contents, including Ranked Gauntlet
      • Members who did not agree to the Terms of Service and Operation Policy of StudioBside will be deleted from the friends, consortium, and gauntlet list.
  • Will the progress on my Guest account also be transferred?
    • No. Therefore, it is strongly recommend you link your account to get your transfer code.
  • Are we going to use the Global Sever’s app to run the game after May 16, 2024?
    • Yes.
    • The region lock for SEA will be undone on May 16.
  • Will Discord Merge?
    • No.
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  1. Written

    I wonder how the merge will work if your Global account is already bound to Steam…

    1. Shana Nyx

      As they said: If you use the Transfer Code. Your Steam Progress will be overwritten

  2. D

    I have my transfer code and I am trying to transfer my account over to the Steam Version. The issue I’m having is I don’t know where to insert the code so I can transfer the account. Is it because the Steam account isn’t bond to mobile account or something else?

    1. Jake

      It’s only available for transfer in May

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