As provided by GM Sigma (Studio BSide) in Official Counterside Global Discord.

Link to Additional FAQ Provided by ZLONG – Click Here.

  • Is SEA Server merging with Global?
    • Yes. As announced in the CounterSide SEA’s Facebook page, SEA is merging into Global. LINK
  • Will SEA have its own server after the merge?
    • No, Global Server will continue to have only Korea / Global server upon log in screen. SEA will merge into the Global Server.
  • I heard SEA was merging into KR Server when I asked Zlong Customer Service. Which server are we exactly merging into?
    • SEA is merging into GLOBAL SERVER*, 100%.
  • I see an announcement on the CounterSide SEA upon log in saying my paid currencies will not be transferred. Is this true?
    • All your currencies, paid or free, are going to be transferred 100%.
  • How can I get my Transfer Code?
    • CounterSide SEA’s game client.
  • What would happen if I loose my Transfer Code? Will Global Customer Service get my Transfer Code back?
    • If you lose your transfer code, your account is gone forever.
    • CounterSide Global Customer Service CANNOT assist you on this even if you bring any ownership verification documents, including receipts.
    • Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you save your transfer code somewhere you know you will remember.
  • Will I be able to get the Transfer Code AFTERWARD?
    • No.
    • You will not be able to get the code under any circumstances after the transfer period.
    • Transfer Period March 12 AFTER THE UPDATE – May 10, 2024 8:30 AM
  • Will SEA get further updates after March 12?
    • No, SEA server will no longer get updates until the merge.
  • What if I have two accounts? 1 in Global and 1 in SEA? Can I use both accounts?
    • ★★ Case 1 ★★
      • If you have CounterSide SEA and CounterSide Global bound to a SINGLE Google, Apple, or Facebook,
      • Then the following will happen.
      • If you use the transfer code on Global server after the merge,
      • The SEA server’s account information will override the Global server’s account information.
      • Hence, if you wish to continue with the GLOBAL SERVER’s account,
      • However, if you wish SEA server’s account information instead of Global, you may use the transfer code.
      • The overriden account information cannot be transferred to somewhere else or recoverable.
    • ★★ Case 2 ★★
      • If you have bound your CounterSide SEA and CounterSide Global account to a separate Google, Apple, and/or Facebook account, then  you will be able to play both accounts.
  • Will the Global Server support more languages?
    • CounterSide Global will continue to only service the languages that we are currently offering.
    • List of Supported Languages
      • English
      • Korean
      • German
      • French
      • Japanese
  • Will all my progress in SEA continue on?
    • Yes. ALL your data is coming to Global.
    • Therefore, as mentioned in #4, your in-game currencies, pity count, company level, consortium, and whatnot will be exactly the same.
    • The only things that are going to change are the following.
      • Your Business Registration Number
      • Your rankings in various contents, including Ranked Gauntlet
      • Members who did not agree to the Terms of Service and Operation Policy of StudioBside will be deleted from the friends, consortium, and gauntlet list.
  • Will the progress on my Guest account also be transferred?
    • No. Therefore, it is strongly recommend you link your account to get your transfer code.
  • Are we going to use the Global Sever’s app to run the game after May 16, 2024?
    • Yes.
    • The region lock for SEA will be undone on May 16.
  • Will Discord Merge?
    • No.
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9 Comment

  1. Written

    I wonder how the merge will work if your Global account is already bound to Steam…

    1. Shana Nyx

      As they said: If you use the Transfer Code. Your Steam Progress will be overwritten

  2. D

    I have my transfer code and I am trying to transfer my account over to the Steam Version. The issue I’m having is I don’t know where to insert the code so I can transfer the account. Is it because the Steam account isn’t bond to mobile account or something else?

    1. Jake

      It’s only available for transfer in May

  3. Tuan Anh

    16 May now. Still don’t know where to insert the code nor the new client to download

  4. Lagasse

    Where can we download the Global Client. It is still not available on steam for us here in the Philippines.

  5. Tuan Anh

    Steam still blocked region

    1. Aevis

      Tested with andriod, it is working but in a messy manner. One have to play the tutorial with google account linked and finish the tutorial before you can go into settings and use the transfer code.

      The whole process is a disaster.

  6. ss

    steam still blocked 😔

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