New Awakened Character – Kostroma Mavka

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Ranger
  • Deployment cost: 6
  • Attack type: Ground
  • Movement type: Air

Basic Attack – 1 Valid Hits

  • Fires the weaponized arm, dealing damage to the target in front.

Passive: Kashitan Special Armament – 2 Valid Hits

  • Anti-Defender DMG increases by 80%. Basic Attack enhancement stage gradually increases over the duration. Basic Attack enhances up to 3 stages, entering each enhancement stage reduces Ultimate CD by 2s.

    [Stage 1]: Deals Single-target DMG to target in front.
    [Stage 2]: Deals Single-target DMG to target in front. (DMG and Hit count increases)
    [Stage 3]: Additionally fires missiles, dealing AoE damage (Valid hit: 2). Immune to hitstun from Special Skills.
  • Lv5: Anti-Defender DMG+80%

Special Skill: MA-Iskander – 2 Valid Hits – 25s CD

  • Fires missiles, dealing damage to the target and nearby targets. Can only be cast while Basic Attack enhancement is above [Stage 2], casting skill does not interrupt Basic Attack. Unable to cast while under Crowd Control effects.
    • Lv5: Special Skill DMG AMP+30%

Ultimate: Sputnik Sasha – 4 Valid Hits – 60s CD

  • Summons a greatsword, dealing AoE damage in front and knocking enemies Airborne. Enters Sure Fire for 22s when casting Ultimate. While in Sure Fire, Basic Attack bypasses previous enhancement levels and instantly casts [Stage 3] Basic Attack.
    • Lv5: ASPD+25% for 15s after casting Ultimate

Here is her skill cut-in!

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