Patch Notes


  • New Substream Episode – Creed of the Yaksa
  • New Counter Pass – Lamda Spatari
  • New Employee – Ciel Marronier
  • Returning Operators – Jung Dain, Sigma and Replacer King
  • Danger Close – Regenerated Knight
  • Arcade Mode – Student Council’s Hands-on Lecture
  • Challenge Stage – Academy Student Council Special Course
  • Substream Event – Tale of a Girl and a Mercenary
  • Raid: Britra Season

New Employee – Ciel Marronier

Ciel is a Striker with very high base stats, allowing her to be played in 2 different ways: A Frontline in PVP, and a Defense Shredder in PVE.

In PvP Ciel is a durable but expensive striker frontline. That means she is only worth her cost when anti-striker damage threats is low. Her reflect on deploy gimmick is inconsistent and hard to use, especially with tank gear required from modern frontliners.

In PVE, Ciel’s primary strength is her innate tankiness, and her ability to shred 80% of an enemy’s DEF via her ult. While this 80% DEF shred only lasts for 4 seconds, this is usually long enough to burst a boss all the way down to zero in endgame content like DC. Her innate tankiness also allows her to run tank CDR gear instead of full tank gear, which is rare for a frontliner (in certain situations, she can even use full offensive CDR) . As a melee unit however, the current Tyrant Gigas will kill any melee units after some time, hence she falls short in the mode.


  • PVE (Early) – S
  • PVP (Late) – SS
  • PVP – A

New Counter Pass – Lamda Spatari

Lambda is a Ranger with high survivability and a synergistic kit that gets stronger with Agnes. Unfortunately the synergy has been reduced to just 20% increased DMG on Lambda for their 8 total cost.

Her kit focuses on dealing a lot of DMG with basic attack while being hard to kill thanks to the 2 passive backstep. However her DMG even with Agnes does not exceed those who specializes in dealing damage so she remains as a low priority damage dealer.


  • PVE (Early) – D
  • PVP (Late) – D
  • PVP – C

Improvements and Changes

1. The DE/FR versions of the [Maze Division] Counter Cases have been updated.

2. Some of [Swift Relic] equipment’s minimum latent potential values have been increased. 

– SSR grade weapons/cases 

  1. 1st slot’s ATK(%) and HP(%)
    1. Before: 0.2%
    2. After: 0.3%

– SR grade accessories 

  1. 1st slot’s ATK(%) and HP(%)
    1. Before: 0.2%
    2. After: 0.3%

3. [The Chilling Chaser] from the [Frozen Corridors] will be downgraded. 

  • Remove Insta-Kill
  • HP decreased by 32%
  • ATK decreased by 45%

※ The Chilling Chaser’s stats in Hard Mode will remain the same.

4. Casting Ban’s formula has been changed. 

Before: [Total number of employees] / 70

After: [Total number of employees] / 65

– Due to the formula change, the number of employees selected through the casting ban will increase from 3 to 4.

– The casting ban is maintained for 2 weeks.

– If employees are selected for the casting ban, then those employees will have a level 1 ban applied.

– If the employees are selected for the casting ban for 2 consecutive weeks, those employees will receive a level 2 ban.

– The increase in the number of casting ban employees will be applied starting from next week (3rd week of March), reflecting this week’s voting results.

– The casting ban employees for the next week (3rd week of March) will be a total of 7, which is the sum of the 3 casting ban employees for this week (2nd week of March) and the 4 casting ban employees for the next week (3rd week of March), and starting from 4th week of March, 8 casting ban employees will be selected.


1. Fixed an issue where Mika★Star’s [Disappointed] expression was not displayed as intended.

2. Fixed an issue where Mika★Star’s expressions in story cut scenes were not working as intended.

3. Corrected an issue where some of the IRyS’ SD animation was not working as intended.

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