In order to improve your game experience, the server will undergo maintenance on March 6th
from 7:00 to 8:30 UTC to update to v1.0.12.

Major Updates

  1. In the 1.0.12 update, we will merge the different Districts within the same server. Consequently, the rankings for Dream Realm and Arcane Labyrinth will reset. Champion league players will also see their Arena scores reset to 3,000. After the merge, you will compete in the Arena against all players on a server. In addition, Dream Realm ranking rewards and daily/weekly Arena rewards will reset. Be sure to claim these rewards before the game update to avoid unnecessary losses.
  2. Added A-Level Mauler Hero: Koko – Child of Wild.
  3. Added Hero Affinity, where players can unlock rewards such as Diamonds, Titles, and Hero Tales by increasing the Affinity level of their heroes through gifting Hero Affinity Items, Battles, and World Exploration.
  4. Added a Check-Ins for All Heroes event, allowing players to accumulate daily check-ins to receive all A-Level and S-Level heroes of the six major factions available in version 1.0.12.
  5. Added Town Quest, which is gradually unlocked based on your progress. It offers a variety of fun gameplay.
  6. Introduced a new Limited Recruitment option to Noble Tavern. With Limited Recruitment, you will receive the featured hero whenever you recruit an S-Level or A-Level hero. You can use Limited Invite Letters or spend Diamonds for Limited Recruitment. Please note that the hero featured in Limited Recruitment will be temporarily removed from your Hero Wish List until the current Limited Recruitment event ends. Note: The first Limited Recruitment event will begin 3 days after the version 1.0.12 update, featuring Vala, the Phantom of Oakenfell. This means that Vala will be temporarily removed from your Hero Wish List until the event ends.
  7. Added a skin of Mirael – Scarlet Sorceress. Check the in-game descriptions for details.

Experience Optimizations

  1. Added Hero Affinity Items to Friendship Store.
  2. Added a series of new titles.
  3. Added a baseline level mechanism to Arena, which becomes effective once a player’s Resonance Level reaches 151.
  4. Optimized the team creation experience for Corrupted Creature challenges. It now supports a team of two to three players. Invited players will join the team immediately, even if they are in combat.
  5. Reduced enemy strength on certain floors in Arcane Labyrinth from difficulty 12 to 15.
  6. Optimized recruitment experience in Noble Tavern.
  7. Optimized the interface of AFK Stages.
  8. Optimized the Rankings interface.
  9. Adjusted the tutorial and trigger conditions for the Auto Route function.
  10. Added a feature to show other players’ avatars on your mini-map. You can choose to enable or disable it on the Settings page.
  11. Optimized your World exploration experience.
  12. Optimized character performance and animations in specific stories.
  13. Adjusted the position of the chat button.
  14. Adjusted the Equipment obtained through the World Exploration Progress rewards.

Combat Mechanics

  1. Odie – Desert Defender – Odie’s Ultimate skill: Corrosive Dart no longer misses when its target is moving at high speed.
  2. Dream Realm Boss: Snow Stomper – Reduced the damage dealt over time from Yeti Cell, Silent Blizzard, and Snowy Devour on difficulties other than Endless Mode.
  3. Optimized the Ultimate animations of the following heroes: Lumont – The Gentle, Odie – Desert Defender, and Smokey & Merely – Wasteland Apothecary.
  4. The effect of the Enlightening Spell Artifact will now activate immediately at the start of a battle, without any delay.
  5. When heroes become immune to control effects, any existing displacement effects applied to them are instantly removed.

Honor Duel Adjustments

If a battle times out, neither a win nor a loss will be recorded, and players will not earn Honor Badges.

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