Improvements to Coordinated Operation

  • Coordinated Operation is a real-time multiplayer gameplay where one can engage in shooting battles along with other Commanders and experience a different kind of fun. However, this gameplay sometimes causes pressure when the cooperation with other players does not go smoothly.
  • As such, many Commanders have given different suggestions to improve this gameplay, and we are beginning the enhancements in an organized manner by starting from the ideas we’ve sorted out.
  • First of all, we will upgrade the gameplay’s Burst Skill usage voting system. After the upgrade, a Burst Skill will be activated upon receiving votes from three players. This is to ensure that the game can progress smoothly even if some members are unable to use the skill due to network issues.
  • At the same time, we will make improvements so that when players fail to interrupt the Boss’s attack that occurs after the completion of the 9th stage rewards, the players’ characters can be wiped out completely. This way, the players will be able to move on to the next challenge quickly.
  • These two features are expected to be updated in early March. When that time comes, please utilize them as much as you can. We will continue to observe the matching mechanisms and cooperation aspect of Coordinated Operation and gather your feedback to create better content.

Improvements to Battles Controls

  • GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE’s battles are designed in a way where Nikkes can flexibly utilize covers to avoid projectiles. However, we recently received feedback about the difficulty to take cover from projectiles for certain characters and costumes.
  • The bigger the projectile is, the more characters run into this problem, so we assume that many Commanders must have been troubled while fighting Crystal Chamber. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • We will conduct internal system adjustments and tests as soon as possible to fix this issue. By early March, the cover feature will be adjusted to be more uniform regardless of the character and costume.
  • I’d also like to share that we have made improvements to some weapon types in terms of fatigue during manual operation. Through the survey conducted last December, we have confirmed your needs for manual operation, and we decided to roll out the following improvements after a series of intense internal discussions.
  • We will provide an additional burst gauge to SR/RL characters with reticles, based on the weapon’s charge time. The additional burst gauge and charge time will increase proportionally, and this will be applicable in both manual and auto battles.
  • However, please note that this will not apply to the other four Nikkes without reticles. This way, the characters’ performance will not be compromised. There will still be a difference between auto battle and manual battle, but it won’t cause a significant gap, minimizing the difference in experience.
  • We expect to roll out this adjustment in April. As it requires a careful decision, the internal discussions are being prolonged. We hope for your kind understanding, and we’re sincerely thankful to every Commander who gave us precious opinions. You are the ones making our game better.

Schedule of Other Improvements

  • We have finished developing the feature that gives a notice when the squad is near the Lost Relics in the field, which we mentioned in the previous developer’s note. This feature will be introduced in early March, and we hope that it will help enhance your experience with Lost Relics.
  • The Quick Battle feature in Arena, also brought up in the previous developer’s note, is under development as well. Contrary to our previous expectations, some delays have occurred, and we are now aiming to complete the update by the end of March. We apologize for being unable to adhere to the schedule stated in the developer’s note due to unforeseen circumstances. Such situations arise because we wish to share the developer team’s ideas and progress more proactively through the developer’s notes. We humbly ask for your understanding.

Improvements to Simulation Room Overclock and Schedule for Season 2

  • Taking into account the feedback from the beta season 1 and everyone’s needs, we will be holding a beta season 2. In this season, there will only be one fixed type of boss in the boss stage, minimizing the factor of luck. This is to provide a more stable experience by ensuring fairness.
  • We will also adjust some of the scheduling rules in consideration of the gameplay cycle and rewards. The season will be extended to four weeks, while the Overclock rewards will still be given every two weeks. This will not only allow players to get rewards regularly, but it will also reduce the pressure caused by the end of the season.
  • Additionally, to cater to players who enjoy exploring Overclock at higher difficulty levels and those who prefer a deeper gaming experience, we will add a feature that displays the Overclock phase record achieved in every season in the player’s profile. However, regarding the records achieved during the beta season, we are considering a one-time reset upon official launching.
  • Aside from this, we are discussing the necessity of improving detailed rules. During season 2, we will closely monitor players’ gaming experience and consider whether additional enhancements are necessary.
  • The beta season 2 will begin at the end of March. We kindly ask for your patience.

Addition of Collectibles/Decorative Elements

  • Let me briefly talk about our plan to add more collectibles and decoration elements this year, as mentioned in the previous developer’s video message.
  • Firstly, we will be allocating a space on the profile page to display five avatar frames. You may use this feature to show other Commanders the avatar frames you’ve collected so far. This feature is expected to be launched in early March, and we hope it can bring you some joy.
  • We will also introduce the personal info card system, a feature that allows you to decorate the upper portion of your profile page with backgrounds and stickers. These decorative backgrounds and stickers will be given through different events and contents.
  • Please look forward to the adorable stickers and beautiful backgrounds we’ll have in store for you. Once the update schedule is confirmed, we will let you know through official channels such as the developer’s note.
  • Other than this, we are planning a title system, a feature where you display a challenge in your profile, just like the avatar frames. Each challenge will grant you a unique title, but please allow me to clarify beforehand that factors such as attributes are not included in it. The title system features a challenge-based collection that can be obtained through gameplay. As it is currently in the planning stage, we will share more details once the update schedule is finalized.
  • That’s all for the new collectibles and decorative elements we are currently planning. If you have great ideas in this aspect, please feel free to let us know through the official community or customer service center. I will actively discuss your precious feedback with the development team.

Side Story Update

  • The official name for the special story content has been decided. From now on, we will bring you enjoyable scenarios that are fully voiced through the “Side Story.”
  • The first Side Story, titled “Second Affection,” is set to be revealed in early April. As it is a story derived from the Main Story, we will do our best to prepare it. Please give us lots of support!

RED ASH in Archives

  • We are gearing up to add the RED ASH event to Archives, including the 1st anniversary mini game, MOG. Like what we said before, we are working on improving the mini game. To avoid delays, we will make the updates in two phases.
  • In the update in early April, we will first add RED ASH and the original MOG to Archives. Once the update schedule for the balanced and enhanced version of MOG is finalized, we will inform you through official channels. Although we’re doing our best to stay on schedule for the improvements to MOG, there will be slight delays due to schedule clashes with the production of the new mini-game. We hope for everyone’s kind understanding.

Assessment of Equipment Acquisition Experience

  • By introducing the Manufacturer Arms system in 2023, we enhanced the experience in obtaining manufacturer equipment. However, due to the limited number of Abnormal characters, we plan to conduct an assessment of the equipment acquisition experience this year. Our aim is to confirm whether the imbalance between obtaining and consuming the manufacturer equipment is causing discomfort, and whether the level of equipment acquisition is appropriate.
  • The preparatory work is still ongoing, and we will share the details in future developer’s notes. Also, we will be conducting a survey in March to hear your opinions regarding this. We are counting on your active participation.

New Growth Contents

  • Now, let me introduce the new growth contents to be updated at the end of April.
  • After the update, all Nikkes will possess high quality upgrade materials – Collectibles. Once Nikkes are equipped with Collectibles, the properties that match their weapon characteristics will be enhanced.
  • Furthermore, the Collectibles of some characters who have undergone three Limit Breaks can be upgraded to Treasures, which will enhance the attributes of Nikkes who own them. New illustrations and exclusive story episodes related to Treasures will also be released.
This sample image is still a work in progress. The actual in-game implementation is subject to change. Please consider the in-game visuals as the definitive version.
  • The characters who can possess Treasures at the time of implementation will be Laplace, Diesel, Frima, and Exia, who currently have low activation rates. We’re sharing the illustration of Laplace’s Treasures along with this developer’s note, but please understand that this is not yet finalized, so there may be changes in the actual release. Besides, we’d like to share the planned enhancements to skills characteristics. These are also subject to change during the development process, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding.
  • We are planning to design Treasures for more Nikkes, but the updates will be rolled out gradually as the development process is quite time-consuming. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Collectibles and Treasures will not consume additional Nikke Spare Bodies and can be obtained through Outpost dispatching and Solo Raid.
  • Introducing new growth elements can serve as a driving force to enhance the enjoyment of the game, but sometimes it can also pose challenges due to its popularity. Therefore, we’re conducting thorough research and devoting extra efforts during the preparation phase to present a satisfying content to everyone. We hope you can provide us with diverse feedback in the survey scheduled for March.
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