Be Delicious! Operation Maid Pick-Up

  • There will be Pick-Up Summon events for the main heroines of 「Be Delicious! Operation Maid」, Xiaolian / Prim / Miriam.
  • Schedule: Feb 29, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ Mar 21, 2024 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

2024 Valentine’s Day Event – Be Delicious! Operation Maid

  • You can check the detail of this event on the further notice.
  • Starring Xiaolian, Prim, and Miriam in maid costumes! During the event period, 「Be Delicious! Operation Maid」 event will be available.
    • Schedule: Feb 29, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ Mar 21, 2024 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9
    • Event shop will be available until Mar 28, 2024 (Thu) before the maintenance.
  • Special Attendance Gift from the Maid
    • Detail: During the event period, a special attendance check event will be available.
    • Rewards of full attendance (14 days): Everstone x2,400, Normal Summon Ticket x20
  • Event Stage – Operation Eradication Obnoxious Customers
    • Detail: During the event period, you can challenge one of the two event stages; [Exciting! Can we drink here?] and [Who gave you permissions to this business?].
    • Whenever you clear the event stage, event items according to the stage will be given.
    • [Obnoxious Customer Eradicator Ticket A] will be given when clearing [Exciting! Can we drink here?], and [Obnoxious Customer Eradicator Ticket B] will be given when clearing [Who gave you permissions to this business?].
    • WIth the event item given, you can purchase various rewards in [Event Shop – Party Exchange Shop].
  • (NEW) Event Challenger Mode – The Test of The Chocolat Queen
    • Detail: During the event period, you can challenge the event challenger mode.
    • The challenger mode contains 7 levels. (Each level will be opened per 3 days, ie. all levels will be opened on 19th day.)
    • In the challenger mode, the level of the Souls you have will be fixed to a certain level, and there will be some disadvantages.
    • You can claim gifts for Xiaolian, Prim, and Miriam by clearing the challenger mode.
  • Event Raid – Bloody Sweet Chocolat Queen
    • Details: During the event period, you can join the event raid – Bloody Sweet Chocolat Queen, and challenge to the raid boss [Chocolat Queen].
    • Event Raid Bosses can be challenged at any level between 100 and 400, and use a single formation to fight.
    • [Maid Prize Coin] and Gold / Mana Dust / Mana Crystal will be given for each victory of the battle.
    • From after this event raid, 「Skip」 feature will be unavailable on the event raid.
    • [Sweep」 feature will be available.
  • Party Prize Shop
    • You can claim various rewards randomly with [Party Prize Ticket] in [Party Prize Shop].
    • Winning Items: Romantic Live Stage (Idle Mana Dust loot +20/min) (1 time), Soul’s Memory: Prim x60 (2 times), 
    • Soul’s Memory: Miriam x60 (2 times), Soul’s Memory: Epic x60 (1 time), Advanced Artifact Stone Chest x8 (1 time), Epic Soul Type Selection Chest x1 (repeatable), Artifact Summon Ticket x40 (repeatable)
      • You can skip the round and go to the next round when obtaining the winning items, and if you claim the 50th reward without skipping additional ‘Artifact Summon Ticket x5’ will be given.
      • A feature to stop the lottery when obtaining the winning reward during more than 10 times of the lottery will be available.
    • The feature can be used by turning the ‘Quit trade when obtaining the reward’ check box on.
  • Maid Season Pass
    • Each use of medals in the [Maid Prize Shop] will give you [Maid Season Pass] points.
    • You can purchase 500 points with 200 Everstones if the [Maid Season Pass] point is not enough.
    • You can obtain various rewards such as [Soul’s Memory: Xiaolian] and [Chocolat Queen (Xiaolian’s event costume)].
    • You can obtain more various rewards such as [Epic Soul Type Selection Chest], [Cafe Display], and [Xiaolian’s Chocolate Factory] by purchasing Gold Ticket.
  • Cafe Display
    • Will give you 1,000 town exp when placed in town. (No special features)
  • Xiaolian’s Chocolate Factory
    • Will give you 2,500 town exp when placed in town, and Xiaolian’s ATK is increased by 10% when she is deployed. (Only Xiaolian can be deployed.)
    • When placed in town, a new part-time job [Making Chocolates] will be available.
    • You can obtain Town Coin x540, Mana Dust x1m by clearing the part-time job.

Guild Raid

  • Guild Raid: Dark Knight will be available.
    • Schedule: Feb 29, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ Mar 7, 2024 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9
    • You can check the details of the Guild Raid: Dark Knight from [2023.09.14 UPDATE NOTICE (DETAIL)].
  • “Guild Raid Assignments” will be available.
    • Schedule: Feb 29, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ Mar 7, 2024 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9
    • Reward Claiming Period: Mar 7, 2024 (Thu) 09:00 ~ Mar 14 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

Fixes & Improvements

  • Town
    • After the update on Feb 29 (Thu), Souls from re-ran Pick-Up won’t visit the Town. Only newly released Souls will visit the Town during their Pick-Up event period.
    • The feature that enables to play love story for the Souls who aren’t obtained during their re-ran Pick-Up event period will be deleted after the update on Feb 29 (Thu).
    • Only newly released Souls’ love story will be available without having them during their Pick-Up event period.”
  • Arena
    • Fixed an issue with the matchmaking of Arena – where the same user is matched repeatedly.
    • Ranking of the opponent player will be displayed when matchmaking.
  • Story
    • Visual animations will be added in Claire’s love story.
  • Cash Shop
    • Sales of some package items will be ended.
    • Monthly Pick and Mix Pack’s 4th slot (Artifact Memory) and 5th slot (Soul’s Memory) will be improved to sort and display from the most recent Soul.
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