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Patch 1.4, set to launch on February 29, marks the first Main Story update in Reverse: 1999 Global. To celebrate this occasion, Bluepoch made a special stream and set up a heft of freebies and surprises to the players of the 20th century inspired game. Let’s check them out in this blog!

New codes released during the stream and available for the next 48h only:

If you missed the stream and wish to watch it, it is available in Reverse: 1999’s official channel:

Patch 1.4 Reveal: The Prisoner in the Cave

Version 1.4 Trailer: Global

The stream starts off with the trailer for Patch 1.4, “The Prisoner in the Cave”. We are introduced to a variety of new and colorful characters as Vertin and her gang wash ashore on the mysterious island of Apeiron, whose inhabitants believe that everything in the universe can be translated into numbers and mathematics.

We are introduced to two new 6-star characters:

  • Phase 1 of the update will feature 37, a powerful new Star Carry character who reveals a new mechanic called [Eureka] that functions as a counting system for certain characters. 37 focuses heavily on dealing both Mental and Genesis DMG through the use of her skills and her [Eureka] mechanic.
  • Phase 2 of the patch features 6, our very first Intellect 6-star and a flexible Support who inflicts random debuffs and applies random buffs with his skills. He, too, uses [Eureka] in order to provide even more buffs or to enhance the damage on his powerful Ultimate.

There will be also have a new series of skins coming along in the patch for Lilya, Diggers, Sweetheart and La Source, while the 1.1 skins for Centurion and Regulus are rerun for a limited time. In fact, we are getting an early QoL with these older skins getting an update to their sfx early!

In addition, Melania, Pickles and Diggers will be added to the general summoning pool during this time. Keep in mind that 3 patches after a character’s release is when they will be added to the standard pool.

New Challenges

Besides the new characters and skins will be several new game modes, one of which being the long-anticipated Mane’s Bulletin! This piece of content that, like UTTU, features on the event page, and consists of 3 powerful raid bosses for the players to take on with teams of 4 characters.

Anecdotes is another new game mode, specifically tailored to those interested in Reverse: 1999’s vast worldbuilding and intricate character design. In Anecdotes, you follow the personalized stories of various cast members. In 1.4, we will receive Anecdotes for Charlie and Oliver Fog.

“Three Doors” is yet another fresh addition to the growing spectrum of gameplay modes. Focused on puzzle solving and exploration, you can check out a sneak peek of this mode here:

Treasure in the Suitcase / Treasure on the Beach

Part of the Mystery Box Carnival celebration are the Treasure In The Suitcase events; these are two log-in events that total to about 20x Unilogs over the course of their run-time.

The first log-in event runs from 29/2 to 28/3 while the second one runs from 28/3 to 18/4.

Alongside the Treasure In The Suitcase log-in event runs the Treasure On The Beach log-in event. Focused on providing the players with daily yellow-tier materials such as Ouija Boards, Wyrmlings, materials newly introduced in 1.4 like the Clockwork Cores and other things that are usually incredibly pesky to farm.

Logging in during this time also grants you the Limited Profile Portrait called [Roaming In Geometry], which is issued to players in commemoration of their continued support going into Reverse: 1999’s first major update.

Carnival Invitation

Part of the Mystery Box Carnival event is the Carnival Invitation! This allows you to (for free) pick a 5-star character of your choice of the ones released up until 1.1 (meaning Blonney, Horropedia and Kanjira are not available from this selector). If you haven’t managed to get that one specific 5-star yet or need that final Portray for another, now’s the time!

Additional Points

Finally, there are some small events and other points that don’t quite fit in any one single category, such as extra story tidbit events that go more in-depth into the lore and worldbuilding of Reverse: 1999. Or new things like Achievements! Whose badges you can proudly display on your profile for all your friends to gawk at.

Last but not least, Reverse: 1999 will be holding a concert on March 16! An official music label called “The 1999” is also in the works and will make the game’s OST and EPs available on multiple platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.
If you think a music label wasn’t enough, official merch will also go on sale soon for the Global audience. We’re kicking the door with a Vertin 3D frame, Sonetto nendoroid, several acrylic stands, as well as Druvis and Tooth Fairy 1/7 scale figures. For more information and pre-order, check the link:

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