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  • New Episode – Starry Night
  • Danger Close – R.Bishop
  • Substream Event – Crossroads
  • Challenge Stage – Night of Redemption
  • Arcade – Status Update!
  • New Employee – Freelancer Kim Chowon
  • Returning Operators – Olivie Park, Moneka and Vivian Rashford
  • Punch-In Event – Origin Year’s Eve Countdown! (Free SSR!)

New Episode – Starry Night

Starry Night will be live after the January 31, 2024 maintenance. 

New Employee – Freelancer Kim Chowon

Freelancer Kim Chowon is a pvp-oriented defender that deploys 3 mines in front of the ship when deployed. Outside of that unique gimmick and notable ability to hit air units she is painfully average, with decent defensive stats and low impact skill set.

While mines offer a significant level of protection against agressive striker-based comps and forward deployable units, more often than not they will not affect outcome of a match.

In the end, unless most better defenders in the game are banned, Freelance Kim Chowon isn’t good enough to find a place on a team.


  • PVP – B
  • PVE (Early) – B
  • PVE (Late) – B

Skill Cut-In!


  • Fixed an issue where the filter option in the [Craft] would only filter for Swift Relic Equipment’s accessories, not weapons and armor.

Changes and Improvements

  • Inhibitor will receive the Origin, [Struggle].
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