Half-Year Anniversary Celebration Official Live Coupons & SIU’s Message

Tower of God: New World Official Live Rewards

Coupons Rewards

RewardCoupon CodeCoupon Code Expiration Date
Normal Summon Ticket x50TOG2024LIVE2024/01/31 23:59:59 (UTC+9)
SSR+ Soulstone x60TOGLOVE2024

How to Use Coupons

How to Use Coupons (Android)
①  Tap the [Profile] icon in the top-left corner of the Main Lobby.
② Tap the [⚙️Settings] button at the bottom of the Profile screen, and select the [Coupon Code] option.
③ Select the Event Coupon, and enter the coupon code.
④ The coupon reward will be sent to the mailbox.
How to Use Coupons (iOS)  – iOS users can use coupons through the page linked below.
  [🔗 Coupon Page for Regulars Using iOS]
① Enter your account ID and the coupon code to receive the reward.
The rewards will be sent to the first account/server you log in with after using the coupon! Make sure you log in with the correct server!
② The coupon reward will be sent to the mailbox.
  • These Coupon Codes can be used until 2024/01/31 23:59:59 (UTC+9), and will not be available after this time.
  • The coupon reward can be obtained once per account.
  • After using a coupon code, the reward will be sent to your mailbox and once claimed, will be available to use through your Bag.

Tower of God: New World SIU’s Congratulations Message Reveal

SIU’s congratulations message: “Congratulations on the Half-Year Anniversary, Tower of God: New World!!”

Tower of God: New World 1st Official LIVE Summary!

[👀 Live Q&A]   Q. If the rewards for the ‘Regulars Welcome Accumulation Check-in’ will change in the 1/18 Update, will we have to wait 28 days to be able to receive the new rewards?
A. The regular Update will take place on a Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday, we’ll have to wait 28 days to receive the new rewards.
* We decided to actually distribute the new rewards immediately after the 1/18 Update. (Applied on 1/18 Update)

Tower of God: New World’s Archive

  • In this segment, we’ll check various records left by our Regulars in 2023.
  • Now! The Teammate With The Most Limit Break Ranking
1st Place Hatz [117,027]2nd Place Yihwa Yeon  [99,903]3rd Place Hwaryun [78,489]4th Place  Young Bam [41,132]5th Place Ha Yuri [30,439]
6th Place Hoaquin  [29,745]7th Place Khun Kiseia [28,585]8th Place Khun Aguero [20,554]9th Place Wangnan Ja [16,941]10th Place Xia Xia [11,813]

The Developer Checklist!

👉In this segment, we’ll check the progress of the content announced through the Dev. Notes and reflect on it.

Event Rewards Improvements

Q. Since the launch, many voiced their frustration about the event rewards and asked for improvements. Is this being taken care of?

  • While there are areas where our response was lacking, these improvements are being completed little by little.
  • When the Black Market and Astrolabe were added, we also addressed the Currency adjustment by retroactively compensating Regulars.
  • The main growth materials, such as Summon Ticket and Currency, are available through various systems such as Loot acquisition.
  • Sachiel: The rewards are still not enough, but if we compare to before, we can see you are trying to improve. This time on the Bingo Event you can use Suspendium, so it is good that now we can obtain all rewards. Still, it would be nice to receive more Event rewards.
[🎤 Bingo Event Q&A] Q. Isn’t something wrong with <Tower of God: New World> Bingo Event rates?
A. We handle rates with transparency in <Tower of God: New World>. A trustworthy probability logic is used, and every update we crosscheck the rates. The displayed rates are the ones currently being applied to the game, and there is no manipulation.

Currency Supply Expansion

Q. There were many requests to expand the currency supply, is that currently being improved?

  • We heard that there were not enough Growth materials, in particular Shinsu.
  • Trying to compensate for this, we gradually improved Event rewards, and we will keep doing so as promised in our Dev. Notes.
  • We are currently improving the supply by increasing Agency Service Center rewards, regular Check-in, Event Check-in, Push Notifications, and more! We’ll keep doing our best to bring more enjoyable events in the future.

Adventure Difficulty Improvements

  • Since right after Launch we heard that the Adventure Difficulty level was too high.
  • In particular after 16F, when multiple decks are required, Regulars ended up stuck. We identified the issue internally, and responded by adjusting the difficulty through patches and adding the ‘Administrator’s Blessing’ when being defeated.
  • More recently, the discussion is about ACC and EVA.
  • The influence ACC, EVA, and Swiftness have in Adventure Stages 21F – 45F, the Secret Floor, and other contents will be adjusted in 2024/01/18. (Applied on the 1/18 Update)

Content Improvement

Q. How do you feel about complaints from Regulars who have played the game since the beginning and say that there is not nothing to do once you are done with Adventure and Trials?

  • This is something we are carefully pondering as we are trying our best to strengthen the content. However, on the other hand, we see Regulars who feel burdened because there is a lot to do in the game.
  • We are doing our best to make <Tower of God: New World> even more fun, but it is not a game to be played for long periods of time every day, it is meant to be a game that you can enjoy even if you only play a daily average of 30 min to 1h.
  • So far we’ve added lots of content to the game, including Guardian’s Test, Element Training, Formation Selection, Climb the Tower Mini-game, and Tower of Alliances. We’ll keep responding and adding content in a way that is enjoyable and doesn’t feel like you are doing homework.
[🎤 Tower of Alliances Event Q&A]
Q. I want to be able to check my Team’s performance.
A. A function to check the defense record of your Alliance Members’ Teams will be added.  
Q. Manually playing all 100F in the Tower of Alliance is too difficult.
A. The [Quick Results] function will be added to battle each floor faster.  
Q. I get stuck, and can’t climb higher if I meet a strong opponent.
A. A function to skip the floor you are stuck in will be added.  
Q. During matchmaking, I was matched to a much stronger Alliance.
A. We’ll improve the matching system so that the matched Alliances levels are closer to each other.
[Improvement Plan]
* Add Alliance Members’ Defense Deck progress information function
* Improve the Battle Results information
* Add a function to skip enemies’ floor.
* Add a Quick Results Function
* Improve matching
* Improvements are estimated to be added by the 02/15 Update.
* Content and schedule are subject to change based on development circumstances.

Summon System Improvements

Q. The Teammate I want never comes through Summon.

  • The rate up system is being applied normally, and as previously mentioned, there is no possibility of manipulating rates.
  • However, I assume that is a complaint that should appear after Limit Breaking many Teammates.
  • With the Free Free Summon x5, SSR+ Bonus selection, Black Market Summon, and SSR Growth Missions we are doing our best to provide many summon opportunities to our Regulars.
  • Other than that, we are reviewing how to improve the Summon Teammate in order to satisfy our Regulars, and we are preparing a special Summon System to allow acquiring specific SSR Teammates easily for the 1/18 Update.

Adding Story Mode

Q. There are many complaints about Story Mode not being updated due to the addition of the Collab campaign and Game original character. What are your plans for adding the Main Story in the future?

  • As mentioned through Dev. Notes and the Official Live, we have reorganized our priorities so that we can provide the Story Mode more quickly.
  • We plan to update it regularly in 2024, and we will do our best to prepare it in a format that conveys the feeling of the original webtoon.
  • The Main Story Act 7-1 will be added through the 01/18 Update.
  • (Update Applied on 01/18)

Strengthening Communication

  • As we focused on responding to issues after launching, the first communication was delayed, and we reflect on and apologize for this.
  • So, we are making efforts to show improvements in areas that were lacking through Dev. Notes, Suggestion Feedback, Monthly Calendar, Quarterly Roadmap, Official Live, etc.
  • In addition, we promise to conduct continuous communication rather than a temporary one, and explain that we are looking for ways to create community supporters to actively communicate and provide support.
[👀 Live Q&A]  
Q. Please make a landscape mode feature.
A. Please understand that it is difficult to add landscape mode since <Tower of God: New World> aims to be able to play comfortably with one hand in portrait mode, and portrait mode is needed for the story direction.  
Q. Are there any plans for overall improvement of the Pass product?
A. We are considering lowering the price of Pass products and consolidating products. However, as there are Regulars using the Pass product and there are some areas that require a grace period, we plan to reflect this as much as possible by the end of March 2024.

Adding Various Convenience Features

Q. There were voices complaining of inconveniences regarding gameplay. Has it been improved?

  • There were inconvenient parts throughout the game. Many features, such as importing recommended decks and Auto-Progress mode, have been improved.
  • In addition, we prioritized improving the most inconvenient areas while playing the game, where round clear records were not saved in multi-deck stages, where records of previously cleared stages could not be checked, and where it was difficult to manage Ignition Weapons.
  • We aim to apply convenience feature improvements by mid-February 2024, and we will do our best to quickly relieve you from these inconveniences.
[Convenience Features Scheduled for Improvement]
● Multi-deck Saving Function
● Viewing Previous Stages Function
● Ignition Weapon Preset Function  
* Improvements are planned for mid-February 2024.
* Contents and Schedules may vary based on development circumstances.

Tower of God: New Information!

A segment that provides news related to the 01/18 Update and the 2024 First Half Roadmap!

[01/18 Update Contents]

▲ New Teammates – SSR+ Data Urek Mazino (Yellow Element Tank) – SSR Ron Mei (Red Element Support)▲ Ron Mei Hot Deal Summon – SSR Ron Mei’s summon rate up, obtain various items – Summon 200 times in the Ron Mei Hot Deal Summon to receive a SSR+ Bonus (Select 1 out of 5 designated SSR+ Teammates)
▲ New Main Story Act 7-1 – ‘Tower of God’ original webtoon part 2 story begins!▲ Ultimate Popularity Contest – Vote for your favorite Teammate in our Contest! – The most voted Teammate in the contest will get a special costume designed, and the costume will be distributed to all Regulars as a gift.
▲ Half-Year Anniversary Daily Festival – Clear missions and receive Rare Shinsu Sea Whetstones, and the special Border. The Half-Year Anniversary SSR+ Teammate Selection Chest awaits you as the final reward!!▲ New Ignition Weapon – Doris & Raihanna ▲ Underground Laboratory Ranking Display Improvements ▲ Other Events and Improvements
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