Waving Forest of Monsters Event

  • During the event period, [Waving Forest of Monsters] event will be available.
    • Schedule: Jan 25, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ Feb 01 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9
    • Starting from the next event, the table of ranking rewards will be revamped. Details for the next event will be notified soon.

First Half of Main Story Ch.7: Knight of Apocalypse

  • The four knights of apocalypse’s gathering, and the sixth trumpet will be sounded – the first half of Main Story Ch.7 will be released.
  • Schedule: Jan 25, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance

Fixes & Improvements

  • Arena / Champs Arena]
    • Channels for Arena/Champs Arena will be rearranged.
    • Please check [Pre-notice of Channel Rearrangement in Arena/Champs Arena] notice for further details.
  • Souls
    • Skin colour of Erusha / Violette will be changed.
      • Illustrations of Violette’s love story will be changed soon.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue in the Soul Info screen, in which voice quotes and subtitles from the Special Touch were different for some Souls.
    • Fixed Eve’s Artifact skill effect – in which the “decreasing received damage” can be dispelled inappropriately.
    • Fixed Eve’s [Bound Soul] skill in which occasionally the target is inappropriately selected when in the same party with the Souls who have an “increase ATK” effect in their Artifact skill.
    • Fixed an issue from the story dungeon [The Witch of Betrayal] which makes the mission can’t be processed when the battle is skipped.
    • Fixed an issue in Chloe’s ultimate skill ‘Shield of Thunder and Storm’ which doesn’t apply stun effect in level 1, 2
  • Misc.
    • In the Artifact screen, you can obtain the Artifact Stones needed for the Artifact immediately with the Artifact Stone Chest in your inventory.
  • To prevent confusion, the text “Demon Type is not included for ‘the same type'” will be deleted in the Soul type buff screen.
  • 1st anniv. theme song [Shooting Star ~ 1st Anniv. Ver ~] will be added on the list for lobby BGM.
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