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Our third Demon faction soul, Eve is in many ways a very unique and strange unit. Her introduction to the roster is already an interesting factor lore-wise, as she’s basically considered a God among souls, and comes from a different timeline than the one we’re in. Aside from this oddity, her classification and kit are also unique. She’s our first Int-based Defender, who is also a ranged unit.

Her kit is basically split in two based on her passive “Bound Soul”; if she has the highest Atk in the party, she receives the buff “Lonesome Soul”, which turns her into a single-taget DPS unit. If not, she becomes a support unit for the ally that has the highest Atk via “Bound Soul: Protect”. Either way, she has the potential to bring a lot to the party, though not in the way you’d expect from a defender.

To start, her classification as a defender is questionable to say the least. She can’t be used as a traditional tank, as she sits in the backline and even if she were a frontline she doesn’t have the defensive stats to survive an onslaught of damage. It’s best to think of her as a support and use her as such when it comes to positioning and team composition. Her one defender-like quality is her damage share skill “Bound Soul: Protect”. When she is not the highest Atk unit in the party, this will bind her to the unit with the highest Atk, buffing them and taking 50% of the damage they receive while providing them with 20% Crit Rate and 30% Atk.

This damage sharing means that even as a support she will require some decent investment to stay alive. Ascending her artifact will help with this, as it increases the teamwide resistances and decreases the damage Eve takes from the bond. In raid scenarios, the buildup of damage she takes as the boss gains stacks will often mean an early death without proper investment and/or defensive gear.

In both 5v5 content and raids, she is a great support unit. Her single-target buffs to the unit with highest Atk are amazing, as she also acts as a mana battery for them through the use of her main skill. In raids, this will boost your main carry significantly, allowing them to use their main skill more frequently, which in turn will also build ultimate charge faster. The skill also provides a mana drain, which is an important addition for certain raids and ESS.

Building her to be the highest Atk in the party to take advantage of the Lonesome Soul self-buff portion of “Bound Soul” is particularly difficult, as she suffers from defender class stats, albeit with a much higher Atk. Compared to traditional carries, however, she will require a significant amount of investment to bring her Atk above theirs, or alternatively, just be put in a party without any other carries. For regular PvE, this probably isn’t worth it. She may work decently as a carry in raids, but whether or not it’d be worth it over using already existing carries remains to be seen.

Lastly, her ultimate is another very interesting and unique feature. In 5v5 content, while not in Lonesome Soul mode, she will use the “Temptation” portion of the skill. This targets the enemy with the highest Atk and basically mind controls them, allowing you to use their main skill against their own teammates, turning the fight into a 6v4. Unfortunately, this may or may not be useful, as combat usually doesn’t last long enough if your carries are doing their job, especially if you’re already using a very strong carry’s ultimate instead.

In single target combat where the enemy can’t be affected by Temptation, or when she is in Lonesome Soul mode, the “Punishment” version of her ultimate is applied instead. This applies a DoT (that isn’t treated as a DoT, so is not affected by things that apply to regular DoT) to the target that can cause critical damage, and can be stacked up to 10 times. The skill will remain on the target until they are incapacitated. Again, this is likely not worth using in 5v5 content, however the amount of damage she can rack up in raids may prove to be significant since it lasts throughout the entire duration of the fight. Even if you are unable to get her Atk higher than anyone in your party, using her ult early in the fight and allowing the damage to tick off throughout the fight would be a decent passive addition to overall DPS.

Overall, Eve is an amazing unit, though whether or not she’s worth going all-in for will depend entirely on the status of your account. For newer players, investing in a true hyper-carry is likely the best bet, as she CAN do decent DPS but won’t shine at it as well as other pure DPS characters. Her true potential is brought out when you have a well-built hypercarry that she can be tethered to, providing them with insane buffs and feeding them mana.


  • Great Single Target buffs.
  • Teamwide Resistance buffs.
  • Mana drain and mana Battery.


  • Only buffs one DPS.
  • Damage Sharing can cause survival issues at lower ascensions.

Best Set

Speed (Support) > HP, Attack (DPS)

Tierlist – Changelog – 18/01/2024

Rating changes due to addition of Eve causing shift in meta and feedback from users on our previous tierlist.

Eve – SS (New)

Eve – S (New)
Vivienne – S –> A

Eve – SSS (New)
Rebecca – SSS –> SS
Ayame – SSS –> SS
Edith – SS –> S
Xiaolian – C –> S

Eve – SS (New)
Haru – SS –> S
Xiaolian – C –> A
Aki – A –> C

Dark Knight
Eve – SSS (New)
Petra – S –> SS
Linzy – A –> SS
Soonie – B –> S

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