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  • Raid – Kraken
  • Arcade – The Last Wild Card
  • Danger Close – Tyrant Sword
  • Returning Operators – Operator Sigma, Jung Dain and Lee Sooyeon
  • Substream Event – The Moonless Night
  • Challenge Stage – Academy Student Council Special Course

Raid Kraken

A new raid boss, [Kraken] will be added after the January 17 maintenance. 

Kraken Raid Schedule – January 17, After the maintenance ~ January 31, 2024, 14:00 (UTC+9)

  • [Kraken] raid is not included in the regular raid rotation schedule.
  • CEOs will acquire [Black Flood Tokens] after successfully defeating [Kraken].
  • You can exchange the [Black Flood Tokens] for either [Polymer Token] and [Superconductive Token] at a ratio of 1:1. 
  • Craft with your [Black Flood Tokens] with [Distorted Universal Mold] to acquire either Britra or Inhibitor gears.
  • Crafting with [Distorted Universal Mold] requires the following materials
    • 1,500 Black Flood Tokens
    • 2,500,000 Credits
  • With the start of the [Kraken] season, the [plaque exchange] list will be updated.
  • Raid points from the season before will not transfer to the [Kraken] season.

Kraken Raid Plaque Exchange Reward List

Title: Kraken Slayer – Reach 10,000 Raid MVPs in Kraken Lv. 150

ArcadeThe Last Wild Card

A random Awakened unit will be deployed as the last unit in the deck.

  • Arcade Rules
    • Entry available every day
    • Gear stats not applied
    • All unit Role ADV DMG +50%
    • DMG Taken Limit +20% for SSR rarity ships
    • Rearmed units are not allowed
    • Ship will be selected at random.
    • Can select 5 employees of your choice. The final 6th unit will be a random Awkawned unit.
  • Participation Reward – Comment Emote
    • Win 3 times – Such a ruckus
    • Win 5 times – I’ll quiet things down here
  • Arcade [ The Last Wild Card ] Schedule
    • January 17, After the maintenance ~ January 30, 2024, 23:59 (UTC+9)


Loyal Season New Skin

The special reward from the Loyal season is Joo Shiyoon’s [Dragon Unbound by Clouds].

The Gauntlet Ban Effect will be enhanced as follows. 


Debuff1 Ban2 Bans3 Bans4 Bans
Decrease DMG-10%-15%-20%-25%
Increase DMG Taken-10%-15%-20%-25%
Decreased ASPD-10%-15%-20%-25%
Decreased Skill Haste-10%-15%-20%-25%
Outgoing Healing –-40%-80%-120%-160%


Debuff1 Ban2 Bans3 Bans4 Bans
Decrease DMG-10%-20%-30%-40%
Increase DMG Taken-10%-20%-30%-40%
Decreased ASPD-20%-40%-60%-80%
Decreased ASPD (Fury)-40%-80%-120%-160%
Decreased Skill Haste-10%-20%-30%-40%
Outgoing Healing –-40%-80%-120%-160%

System Improvements and Changes

1. Cutscenes for returning CEOs have been added. 

  • The cutscene will automatically play when CEOs return to CounterSide after 15 days.

2. Cutscenes for CEO birthdays have been added. 

  • You can set your birthday in the [Profile] interface.
    • You cannot reset your birthday under any circumstances after the confirmation. 
  • The cutscene will automatically play on the day of your birthday, and after the cutscene, a special trophy and a present will be sent to your in-game mailbox. 
  • You can watch it again in the [Collections] after it is played at least once. 

3. Title effects will not be displayed from the list of titles.

4. You will now be able to dismantle [Undercontrol] and [Coffin].

  • You will not be able to dismantle the last copy of either [Undercontrol] or [Coffin]. 

5. Skin option from [Management] – [Unit] will now display the number of skins you own. 

6. Two new puch alarms have been added. 

  • A push when the eternium is almost fully charged.
    • The alarm will be sent when you are 75 eternium away from max. 
  • A push when the Gauntlet Points are fully recharged.

7. The Coalition Mission tab will be removed.

8. New sets of flashback scenes will be added.

  • The Moonless Night (3)
  • End of the Maze (2)
  • Crossroads (1)
  • The Inheritor (2)
  • Flora Maid Service (3)
  • Old Fear (1)

9. Level requirements to unlock World Map Branches will change as follows. 

  • Before: 0 / 10 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75
  • After: 0 / 10 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55

10. Friendly Match will now have its [ Apply highest level ] effect applied on the Alternium Reactors and Tactical Update levels.


  • A fix on the Steam client where [ Information Reception Agreement ] was being displayed. 
  • A fix on Arcade strings to display correctly. 
  • A fix where the client would close immediately if players enter the gauntlet right after the last stand play. 
  • A fix on mail display where important mail tag is also applied to mails that are not supposed to have. 
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