Battle Issues

  1. Fixed the issue where Product 08’s Skill 2: Tactic: Crack Shot was applied to the wrong targets.
  2. Fixed the issue where the damage value was displayed multiple times in certain situations when using some skills.
    • The actual damage remains unchanged.
    • Affected Skills:
      • Yan’s Burst Skill: Fat Cat
      • Drake’s Burst Skill: Drake Special
      • Rupee’s Burst Skill: Single Payment
      • Nihilister’s Burst Skill: Burning Scourge
      • Yuni’s Burst Skill: BDG
      • Product 12’s Burst Skill: Action: Precision Strike
      • Signal’s Burst Skill: Emergency Signal
      • Belorta’s Burst Skill: Tricky Bomber
      • Soldier EG’s Burst Skill: Eagle Shot
      • Soline’s Burst Skill: My Word, My Bond!
      • Anis’ Burst Skill: Pinpoint Missile
      • Sin’s Burst Skill: Words Can Kill
      • Viper’s Burst Skill: Snake Bite
      • Snow White: Innocent Days’ Skill 1: Seven Dwarves V&VI
      • Snow White’s Skill 2: Seven Dwarves: V&VI
      • Nihilister’s Skill 2: Megiddo Flame
  3. Fixed the issue where the shooting sound effects may sound strange occasionally when battling again.
  4. Fixed the issue where the effects of some skills were applied twice when defeating an enemy in battle.
    • Affected Skills:
      • Epinel’s Skill 1: Total Noob
      • Harran’s Skill 2: Predator
  5. Fixed the issue where skills with the condition “when HP is below n%” were occasionally triggered when the Max HP is increased during the battle.
    • However, this adjustment is not applicable to skills that check HP in real-time. It is only applicable to the following skill:
      • Biscuit’s Skill 2: Tug of War
  6. Standardized the skills descriptions displayed in the Nikke page and the pause page during battles.
    • The skill effects remain unchanged.
    • Adjustments:
      • Before: Full Charge Damage ▲ n%
      • After: Charge Damage ▲ n% 
      • Affected Skills:
        • Eunhwa’s Skill 1: Ready and Able
        • Yan’s Skill 1: Struck Dumb
        • Alice’s Skill 1: Energizing Carrot
        • N102’s Skill 2: Impaired Memory
        • Himeno’s Burst Skill: Ghost
        • A2’s Skill 1: Output Increased
        • Scarlet: Black Shadow’s Burst Skill: Fleetly Fading: Strike
    • Adjustments:
      • Before: Full Charge Damage Multiplier ▲ n%
      • After: Charge Damage Multiplier ▲ n%
      • Affected Skill:
        • Admi’s Skill 1: Helping Hand
  7. Adjusted Mary’s Burst Skill: Angel in White to match the order in which the actual effects are applied.
    • Before
      • Activates when above 50% HP. Affects all allies. DEF ▲ n% for n sec.
      • Affects all allies. Recovers n% of caster’s final Max HP.
    • After
      • Affects all allies. Recovers n% of caster’s final Max HP.
      • Activates when above 50% HP. Affects all allies. DEF ▲ n% for n sec.
  8. Fixed the issue where the invincible effect of Biscuit’s Skill 2: Tug of War was applied to the wrong target in Arena.
  9. Fixed the issue where the HP Recovery effect was applied twice when Max HP was increased by skills in Arena.
    • Apart from Arena, other gameplay remains unchanged. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    • Affected Skills:
      • Folkwang’s Skill 2: Harder, Better, Faster
      • Delta’s Skill 1: Recollection
      • Frima’s Skill 2: … Ah 
      • Frima’s Burst Skill: … Vexation
      • Soldier FA’s Burst Skill: Falcon Boost
      • Noise’s Skill 2: Sing Together
      • Noise’s Burst Skill: Energetic Noise
      • Rapunzel’s Skill 2: Divine Blessing
      • Quency’s Burst Skill: The Great Escape
      • Soda’s Skill 1: Spotless Chair
      • Blanc’s Burst Skill: Showtime
      • 2B’s Skill 1: Survival
      • Tia’s Skill 2: Chameleon Invisibility
  10. Fixed the issue where damage from other attacks were also instantly distributed when Distributed Damage was dealt to enemies (within one frame).
    • Affected Skills:
      • Dorothy’s Skill 2: Baptism
      • Dorothy’s Burst Skill: Paradise Lost
      • 2B’s Burst Skill: Series of Attacks
  11. Fixed the issue where the cooldown time reduction effect of Makima’s Skill 2: Seems I’ve Been Noticed and Burst Skill was applied twice in Arena.
    • Apart from Arena, other gameplay remains unchanged. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  12. Increased the hitbox of Land Eater’s Core.
  13. Fixed the issue where the color and term descriptions were not included in Scarlet: Black Shadow’s Skill 1: Fleetly Fading: Breakthrough.
  14. Fixed the issue where the sound of Scarlet: Black Shadow’s normal attack didn’t play properly during battles.


  1. Fixed the issue where voices were overlapping when selecting Nikkes with costume-exclusive voices.
  2. Fixed the transition animation issue when entering the Miracle Snow Story Event in Archives.
  3. Fixed the issue where the music was not playing properly when pausing it in Miracle Snow’s mini game, Gift Factory, in Archives.
  4. Fixed the issue where a record wasn’t added to the Event Album when a network connection error occurred as soon as a Story Event stage was cleared in Archives.
  5. Fixed the issue where the Reward Boost Nikkes button did not appear in some Story Events in Archive.
  6. Fixed the issue where the Immune mark was displayed instead of damage in Arena under certain circumstances.
  7. Fixed the issue where the text for Form Attack Squad and Form Defense Squad was displayed incorrectly in Arena.
    • Before
      • – ATK
      • – DEF
    • After
      • – Attack
      • – Defense
  8. Adjusted the Squad Formation screen in SP Arena. Nikkes assigned to other rounds will be displayed at the bottom.
  9. Fixed the issue where players can use Quick Battle in Interception when their Squad Formation was incomplete.
  10. Fixed the issue where some buttons were incorrectly displayed when doing side missions in the Campaign field.
  11. Fixed the display issue of Tyrant-class Raptures’ HP on certain mobile devices.
  12. Improved Morgan’s wing animation in Mast’s skill cutscene to make them look more natural.
  13. Improved the Raptures’ HP bar animation when they are defeated. 
  14. Fixed the issue where the BGM sounds strange when returning to the Advise page after a considerable time.
  15. Adjusted the reset cycle for Simulation Room’s Buff Legacy.
    • Before
      • 05:00:00 every day
    • After
      • 05:00:00 every other Tuesday
    • After the adjustment, the first reset is scheduled for January 16 (Tuesday) at 05:00:00.
  16. Fixed a display issue with the “Form Attack Squad” and “Form Defense Squad” texts in Arena and SP Arena.
  17. 1Added a random display function in Lobby Decoration.
    • The Standings, Events, Skill Cutscenes you selected will be displayed randomly every time you enter the Lobby.
  18. Added a display of the required number of Cube Batteries to enhance the Harmony Cubes when purchasing Cube Battery in Union Shop.
  19. Changed the winter theme in the Outpost back to the regular theme.


  1. Improved the Nikke’s HP bar animation for it to display the actual HP more clearly.
  2. Improved the guides displayed when network connection errors occurred while purchasing items in Cash Shop.
  3. Fixed the issue where the Pause button continues to remain in stories under certain circumstances.
  4. Fixed the issue where the currency icon was displayed incorrectly when moving from the Recruit page to the Gem Shop, Mileage Shop, and Nikke Details page and then back.
  5. Fixed the issue where the Recruit BGM didn’t play when recruiting Nikkes.
  6. Fixed the issue where the Recruit BGM sounds strange when moving from the Recruit page to other pages.
  7. Fixed the issue where the railing in the Lobby glitches after setting the You can do it, Mica! wallpaper in the Decorate Lobby page.
  8. Added a loading screen when entering the Recollection page.
  9. Added a info prompt when the screen refreshes after tapping the banner of an expired Pass.
  10. Fixed the spelling of the name of a soundtrack in Jukebox.
    • Before
      • – Camilla
    • After
      • – Camellia
  11. Added a replay feature for Lost Relics with stories.
  12. Added a sort feature for Nikkes.
    • – Added a feature to search Nikkes by name.
    • – Added a feature to sort Nikkes with red dot indicators.
    • – Added a feature to prioritize sorting for Reward Boost Nikkes from Story Events.
    • – Removed some unnecessary UI buttons.
  13. Improved the filter by manufacturer in the Decorate Lobby page to allow players to select only one manufacturer.
  14. Improved the Recruitment Wishlist for players to swap Nikkes with ease.
  15. Added a skip feature for Costume Gacha animation. 


  • Fixed the issue where the game couldn’t run smoothly on PCs under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue where the center of the Step Up Recruit image was black on PCs under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue where the game couldn’t run smoothly when the Windows system’s language was set to Turkish.
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