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1. Any plans to remake the early story?

– A full remake is challenging, but we plan to reduce unnecessary parts and make it faster to reach Chapter 5. There are also plans to add more explanation to the Black Knight villain part. Lindsay’s illustration change is scheduled for late January to early February.

2. Is there a specific backstory for the Savior?

– There isn’t a specific backstory established. There was something originally, but it was discarded.

3. Any plans for collaborations?

– We did a collaboration with artist Namu13. As for others… no comment.

4. Are there any untold backstories/settings for characters not included in the game?

– We believe that the game’s story should be unfolded within the game itself, so we prefer not to disclose it. (By the way, Catherine’s ESS costume and Christmas costume have different chest sizes because the Christmas one was made first. If there’s another Catherine costume, it will not be smaller. The missing hip bone detail in Honglan’s Love Story costume was due to a change in texture application, and it has been added back.)

5. Any plans following the addition of Otoha’s bad ending costume?

– Otoha is a special case where the presence or absence of a mask is important, so we had to include it. We created two versions, but this doesn’t apply to other characters.

6. Zodiac preset feature?

– We planned to develop it but were too busy. We will develop it soon.

7. Plans to change the composition of Souls in the labyrinth/arena shop?

– There might be some product revisions, but no plans to add new Souls.

8. Any plans for reforms to help new players settle in?

– Although not specifically mentioned, we are gradually making reforms.

49. Any plans after Origin+5?

– None. (Actually, we considered it, but AFK Arena received a lot of criticism for something similar, so we won’t do it.)

10. Any plans to expand sources for set keepsakes?

– We are still considering it, thinking about new content like bosses. We are also reviewing the diversification of rewards for Guild Raids and Evil Soul Subjugations.

11. New content?

– Nothing is being considered for PVP, but cooperative content is under consideration. We are also planning to create a sleigh.

12. Solutions for high-level player dissatisfaction?

– Similar to the aforementioned points.

13. Any plans to improve repetitive events?

– Yes, there are improvement plans.

14. Angel/Demon Gates?

– No plans at the moment.

15. Any plans for improvements in the Town?

– We are considering various options. Rather than just applying effects for owning furniture, we’re thinking of different approaches. We’re also preparing to improve the part-time job participation (Sabbath system – where one day in real life is equivalent to three days in Eversoul, including a day off, so no need for early morning part-time jobs).

16. Preparations for launching in Japan?

– We’ve completed recording with well-selected voice actors. You will be able to hear them in Korea soon as well.

17. How are new Souls’ artifacts/concepts decided?

– We first decide on the artifact and collect related legends/mythological materials. From there, we determine the Soul’s concept, outfit, weapon, etc., and then create the character. However, since the Soul is born from the artifact, it might slightly differ in image.

18. Any plans for merchandise/OST sales?

– We are preparing to upload music to streaming sites, but there are no plans to sell physical merchandise. We plan to provide merchandise for free through events.

19. Thoughts and solutions for guild manpower shortages?

– We think there’s a problem with the guild system, not a lack of players. We are considering improvement measures.

20. Plans to sell premium costumes?

– We’d like to, but there are no plans yet. We are considering it and might sell them if a good idea comes up, but we are concerned about how to approach it without receiving criticism.

21. Plans to release characters who are enemies in the story?

– Lilith is scheduled for release within 2024, but there are no plans for Kayrin yet.

22. Some set keepsakes are preferred over others; any balance patch plans?

– None at the moment, but we are considering new set keepsake effects (such as increasing ultimate skill damage).

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