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Patch Notes and Shop.


  • New Substream Episode – Dead End Road
  • New Awakened Employee – Minerva Karin Wong
  • New Rearmed Employee – Suicide Squad Joo Shiyoung
  • New Gauntlet Mode – Arcade
  • Danger Close – Sollicitatio
  • 50 Consecutive Free Recruits Event
  • Returning Employees – Karin Wong and Joo Shiyoung
  • Returning Operators – Kim Hana, Momo and Lena.
  • Substream Event – The Sun-Calling Tracks
  • Challenge Stage – Maid’s Virtues
  • Full Moon Nanahara Chinatsu & Carmen – Gauntlet Self Heal Exclusion Patch

New Awakened Employee – Minerva Karin Wong

Minerva Karin Wong is a well-balanced and versatile Awakened Ranger who can perform both in PVP and harder PVE content. As a fury type employee, she requires relic gears to bring her skill downtime as low as possible.

Her strength lies within her laser attacks that triggers after every 8 attacks in PvP, with the laser attacks able to reach the whole map (except the Ship) and inflict barrier reflux with constant knockback on all enemies. The attacks itself might not do a lot of DMG but she can activate it through a lot of conditions like Passive backstep and Ultimate which makes it annoying to deal with.

Her Passive backstep has a guarantee that she will always dodge back in the right direction that can activate twice, along with her special skill granting herself a barrier makes her pretty hard to kill.

Her special skill drops a barrier behind the target, which can be used to redirect skills at the right timing. The barrier drop itself is a guaranteed Crit but it does not inherit her DMG Bonus or Crit DMG from gears since its a separate summon. The barrier can deliver rapid hits through the bombardment attacks and also has self-heals to hold off enemy attacks.

In PvE, her high hit count can be useful against bosses with Hit count check mechanics such as Tyrant Armor, Tyrant Gigas, since her laser attacks and barrier bombardment attacks can hit for a lot of times, although low DMG.


  • PVE (Early) – A
  • PVE (Late) – A
  • PVP – SS

New Rearmed Employee – Suicide Squad Joo Shiyoung

Rearmed Shiyoung is sadly barely an upgrade to her base version who can’t find a place for herself in either PVE and PVP metas. In Korea, she is considered among the worst rearms ever and most who rearmed her regret it. The Reflect damage added to her counterattack sadly only sounds great on paper – both Ciel and Levia can reflect more damage and do it without so many strings attached as Shiyoung is forced to do.

In PVP, Rearmed Shiyoung often dies without doing anything as the counter stance and EVA boost isn’t enough to keep her alive in the current Meta. As for PVE, you would rather bring characters that can do more damage and bring some offensive utility instead of a 4-cost characters that deals meaningless damage and is built around gimmick Counter.


  • PVE (Early) – B
  • PVE (Late) – B
  • PVP – C

Balance Patch and Skill Description Improvement

1. Full Moon Nanahara Chinatsu and Carmen’s balance will be adjusted which only applies in the gauntlet environment

2. Full Moon Nanahara Chinatsu’s Ultimate Skill description has been updated. 

  • The skill’s effect will not change from before.

Full Moon Nanahara Chinatsu


Improvements & Changes

  1. DE / FR lines for Vivian Rashford, Pumpkin Night skins for Felicette & Elizabeth Pendragon, and Vacation skins for Gremory, Noelle Wright, & Nicole Primer are updated.
  2. The maximum Company level has been increased from 200 to 300.


  1. A fix where the game would not function correctly if CEOs attempt to enter the shop page for Jaina’s Vacation Skin or attempt to enter the game with the skin on Android devices.
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