Reverse 1999 patch 1.6 reveal!

Six weeks already had passed and the next major patch coming to Reverse 1999 has been revealed – and with this patch, we’re going to China!


You can watch the 1.6 promo video here:

Full livestream:


Three new characters will be released with the 1.6 patch:

6☆ Mineral – Jiu Niangzi

Here is her Insight 2 art:

And here are her skills:

Skill 1 – Down Another Cup

1-target attack. Deals Reality DMG. If the caster has [Wine Pulp], consumes an amount to deal extra Reality DMG per stack consumed.

Skill 2 – Within My Palms

Self buff. Gains [Wine Pulp] and [Ecstasy]. Enter the [Drunk] state. At the start of the round, if the caster is in the [Drunk] state, cast the corresponding rank Down Another Cup on the enemy with the lowest HP.

  • [Drunk]: Cannot use skills. Dispelled if the carrier is attacked by Ultimates or when struck with effects that limit actions.
  • [Ecstasy]: When using Down Another Cup, increase [Wine Pulp] consumption. If insufficient stacks are present, consume all stacks.

Ultimate – Wine Accident

Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG. Increases damage when less enemies are struck. Consumes [Wine Pulp] if more than a certain amount is present to the increase Penetration Rate. If not enough [Wine Pulp] is present, gain [Ecstasy] and an amount of [Wine Pulp].

Insight: Steady Concentration

  1. Upon entering combat, gain an amount of [Wine Pulp]. When the round ends, gain an amount of [Wine Pulp] corresponding to the amount of buffs on allies.
  2. Upon entering battle, damage dealt increased.
  3. At the start of the round. If the caster has [Wine Pulp], gain a random buff.

6☆ Beast – Getian

Here is his Insight 2 skin:

And here are his skills:

Skill 1 – A Different Kind of Bone

1-target attack. Deals Reality DMG and inflicts [Bone Omen].

  • [Bone Omen]: Decreases Reality DEF. When the carrier is attacked, they take extra Genesis DMG.

Skill 2 – Mysterious Appearance

Self buff. Enters [Bone Reader] state and gains an amount of [Eureka].

  • [Bone Reader]: At the end of the round, consumes an amount of [Eureka] to cast [Commandment]. If not enough Eureka is present, consume all stacks. Dispelled when Eureka reaches 0.
  • [Commandment]: Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG to all enemies with [Bone Omen] (this attack does not count as a follow-up attack).

Ultimate – I Walk, I Am, Therefore I See

Mass debuff. Opens [Domain of Prophecy] and gains an amount of [Eureka]. Inflicts [Bone Omen] on all enemies.

  • [Domain of Prophecy]: Field Effect. Increases Crit DMG. Further increases Crit DMG for Reality DMG. Field Effect / Ritual: Only one of this kind of effect can be present, no matter who casts it (enemy or ally).


  1. Upon entering combat, gains an amount of Moxie corresponding to the number of Reality DMG units present. While within [Domain of Prophecy], the [Commandment] attack has increased Crit Rate and Crit DMG.
  2. Increase damage dealt upon entering combat.
  3. When the round starts, inflicts [Fossilization] on a random enemy for an amount of turns. At the end of the round, Ge Tian gains an amount of [Eureka] if he is within [City of Prophecy].

5☆ Star – Yenisei

Here is her Insight 2 skins:

And here are her skills:

Skill 1 – Woman Of Action

1-target attack. Deals Mental DMG. If cast at rank 2/3, decrease enemy DMG Dealt.

Skill 2 – The Language of Water

1-target heal. Grants [Sturdiness]. Also heals the ally with the lowest HP. If cast at rank 2/3, also grants the ally with the lowest HP [Sturdiness].

  • [Sturdiness]: When the caster is attacked, DMG Taken Reduction +25% (-1 stack after trigger).

Ultimate – The Current Knows All

Mass buff. Grants [Shield] and [Immunity] to all allies. Grants an amount of [Current] to self.

  • [Shield]: Blocks certain DMG for a certain duration.
  • [Immunity]: Immune to [Stats Down], [Neg Status], and [Control] statuses.

Insights: Overprotective

  1. Upon entering combat, gain an amount of [Current]. Upon using a rank 2/3 debuff incantation, consume an amount of [Current] to gain Moxie.
  2. Upon entering combat, increase healing rate.
  3. Upon using a healing incantation, consume an amount of [Current] to grant [Empower Incantation] to self.


Quite a lot of skins will be added with this patch, here’s the list:

FREE An-An Lee skin (login reward)

FREE Zima skin (UTTU)

Druvis Skin

A Knight Skin

Balloon Party Skin


  • UTTU and the rest of the usual content,
  • Theft of Rimet Cup rerun,
  • New Anecdotes Chapters: Zima and aliEn T,
  • Three Doors game mode update,
  • Mane Post (raids) update,
  • NEW roguelite game mode: Echoes in the Mountain.

Wilderness update

  • Wilderness has now day and night cycles,
  • Players can share Wilderness codes and layouts.


  • 1.1 Wilderness theme rerun,
  • Skins: Charlie, Centurion, Regulus, Sotheby, X.
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  1. InnocentWish

    Hey guys. Please fix this:
    1) Ezra’s fragile debuff INCREASE damage taken by enemies by +25% and NOT decrese it (like in your description)
    2) Psychube “The Carat of the Heart” gives 16 Crit Rate at level 60 (not 18%) and its better to use crit RATE wording instead of crit HIT wording (it may confuse like its somthing different but its not).
    3) “Silent and Adoring” psychube provides +50% Genesis damage for follow ups. Your description says its “instant” damage increased. What is that “instant” wording? Its unclear and confuses peaple – its just Genesis damage, guys.

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