New Awakened Character – Shepherd and Lurcher

  • Type: Mech/C.O.
  • Role: Awakened Striker (Fury)
  • Deployment cost: 8
  • Attack type: All
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 2 Valid Hits

  • Deals AoE Damage in front. While in the [Enraged] state, delivers an AoE attack with knockback while moving forward, with 3 valid hits.

Passive: Can’t Stop If I’m Angry -3 Valid Hits

  • Shepard keeps Lurcher calm so it does not attack allies. Shepard and Lurcher can detect stealth units, but cannot detect enemies behind them. Gain immunity to Stun, Taunt, Knockback, and Ultimate hitstun, while unable to receive healing, stealth, and barriers. ATK is increased by up 100% in inverse proportion to HP loss. All attacks consume 2% HP, while HP is below 50%, HP consumption is canceled and Fury gain is increased by 2x. Casts an Enhanced Attack every 3 Basic Attacks, dealing AoE damage and knocking enemies Airborne. (The attack is considered as an Ultimate hitstun to non-Awakened units)
  • Lv5: Gains undispellable Immortality when HP falls below 50% (Removed after receiving 30 hits). Enhanced attack activation condition is reduced to 2 Basic Attacks while in the [Enraged] state.

Special skill: Destructive Instincts – 3 Valid Hits – 10 Fury count

  • Swings the tail forth, dealing AoE damage and inflicting knockback. (The attack is considered as an Ultimate hitstun to non-Awakened units). Damaged enemies are stunned for 2s (Mechs included). Gain 2 Fury count after using skill.
    • Lv5: Enters Sure Fire for 12s after casting skill. (Cannot be removed)

Ultimate: Boron T6 Spectroscopic Machine – 5 Valid Hits – 28 Fury count

  • Unable to cast while HP is above 50%. Enters the [Enraged] state, via the perforator on the front is unleashed, firing a laser beam that deals AoE damage. Gains undispellable Immortality after casting skill, removed after receiving 40 hits. (30 hits in Gauntlet).

    [Enraged]: All attacks excluding Ultimate deals 50% increased damage and inflicts Ultimate hitstun, DMG RES Penetration +50%, Immune to debuffs.
    • Lv5: Inflicts map-wide Buff Nullification on all enemies for 12s after casting. (Bosses excluded)

Here is the skill cut-in!

New unit: Jenica

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Striker/Fury
  • Deployment cost: 4
  • Attack type: Ground
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 2 Valid Hits

  • Uses a dismantling saw to deal AoE damage.

Passive: Bloody Mary

  • The more bloodshed, the stronger is the bond of contract. Immortal for 6s after HP falls below 1%, entering the suspension state with stealth and recovering full HP. When the state ends, maintain Immortality for 5s and lose 4% HP per sec until death.
  • Lv5: While [Bloody Mary] is in effect, all attacks recover 4.5% HP. (2.5% in Gauntlet)

Passive 2: Macabre Perfumer – 3 Valid Hits

  • The scent of game paralyzes reason. Immune to hitstun from Ultimate or Lower Skills while [Bloody Mary] is in effect, and delivers Enhanced Attacks.
    • Lv2-4: ASPD +40% while [Bloody Mary] is in effect.
    • Lv5: ATK is permanently increased by 5% every time an enemy dies. (Up to 10 stacks)

Ultimate: Last Note – 4 Valid hits – 10 Fury count.

  • Deploys the weapon to deal AoE damage in front. Unable to cast nor charge skill until [Bloody Mary] is activated, Gain 7 Fury count upon first deployment.
    • Lv5: Outgoing Healing +50% for 10s after casting skill

Here is her skill cut-in!

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