Ezra Theodore kit preview!

The second part of the 1.5 patch will start soon and today Ezra Theodore’s kit had been teased! Check our translation below.

Introduction Trailer


Ezra Theodore is a 6* Star character who can buff and shield allies and debuff enemies using special mushrooms he can grow during the battle. He also supports characters who use Eureka by applying additional stacks of the buff and he has the ability to restore Moxie for the whole team via his ultimate.


Please keep in mind that this is just a preview and the multipliers aren’t known yet.

Skill 1 – Care for the Body

Mass attack. Caster loses HP. Deals Mental DMG and Genesis DMG to two enemies (both can Crit). Plants [Honey Fungus] (max 2).

  • [Honey Fungus]: At the start of the turn, grow 1 time. Matures after an amount of growths. Upon maturing, inflicts [Fragile] on all enemies.
  • [Fragile]: When attacked, the carrier takes additional damage.

Skill 2 – Encourage the Spirit

Mass buff. Caster loses HP. Gives all allies a [Shield] with (caster’s HPx???%) HP. Plants [Ghost Fungus] (max 2).

  • [Ghost Fungus]: At the start of the round, grow 1 time. Matures after a number of growths. Upon maturing, applies [Clarity] to all allies.
  • [Clarity]: Increases Crit DMG.

Ultimate – All Around Care

Mass buff. Grants Moxie and Eureka to all allies. Plants the maximum amount of [Honey Fungus] possible and matures all [Mushrooms], triggering their effects immediately.


  1. Upon entering combat or using Ultimates, Ezra gains +1 Eureka. When using Incantations, if the maximum amount of the corresponding [Mushroom] is planted, consume Eureka and grow that [Mushroom] one time. If the [Mushroom] matures, immediately trigger its effects.
  2. Upon entering combat, reduce damage taken.
  3. When a round ends, Ezra recovers HP according to the amount of [Mushrooms] present on the field (this can Crit). When using Incantations, if the maximum amount of [Mushroom] not corresponding to the Incantation is present, gain Moxie.


Below you can find the animations for the skills.

Skill 1

Skill 2


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