Honkai: Star Rail 1.6 reveal stream summary!

Have you missed the recent stream? No worries! We’ve got a summary for you!


Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming patch:


You can rewatch the whole stream here:


  • New character – Ruan Mei
  • New character – Dr. Ratio
  • New character – Xueyi
  • Banners
  • New Main Story
  • New Events
  • Patch 2.0 teaser
  • Other updates
  • Codes

New character – Ruan Mei

Ruan Mei is a 5-star Ice element character who follows the path of Harmony.


A sweet-tempered and elegant scholar. Member #81 of the Genius Society. An expert in the biological sciences. She earned Nous’ attention with her talent and terrifying perseverance, and began her research on the origin of life in a secret corner of the universe. For that, she was invited by Herta to collaborate with Screwllum and Stephen to develop the Simulated Universe. Secretly, she greatly enjoys traditional theater and desserts, and she is also very interested in embroidery.

Combat Role

Ruan Mei is a support character capable of increasing allies’ Weakness Break Efficiency, SPD, and All-Type RES PEN. At the same time, Ruan Mei can also deal additional Break DMG whenever any allies Weakness Break an enemy, causing the Weakness Broken enemies’ actions to be further delayed.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicThreading FragranceDeals Ice damage to a single enemy.
SkillString Sings Slow SwirlsAfter using her Skill Weakness Break Efficiency of all allies increases.
UltimatePetals to Stream, Repose in DreamRuan Mei deploys a field that lasts for a set amount of turns. While inside the field, all allies’ All-Type RES PEN increases and when they break an enemy’s Weakness, they apply a Mark to the enemy.

When these enemies attempt to recover from Weakness Break, Mark is triggered, extending the duration of their Weakness Break, delaying their action and dealing Ice DMG.
Talent??No information was given about the Talent, but her Combat Role description mentions that she increases the SPEED of all allies, so maybe that’s what it does?
TechniqueSilken SerenadeAfter using the Technique, automatically triggers the Skill at the start of the battle.

In Simulated Universe, when Ruan Mei has Silken Serenade, the team actively attacking enemies will always be regarded as attacking their Weakness to enter battle, and this attack can reduce all enemies’ Toughness regardless of Weakness types.

New character – Dr. Ratio

Dr. Ratio is a 5-star Imaginary element character who follows the path of the Hunt.


A candid and self-centered Intelligentsia Guild member, who often conceals his appearance with a strange plaster sculpture. He demonstrated unparalleled intelligence and talent since his youth, but now refers to himself as a “Mundanite.” He firmly believes that intellect and creativity are not confined to geniuses. He seeks to distribute knowledge to the entire universe to cure the persistent disease named ignorance.

Combat Role

Dr. Ratio is a DPS character that deals follow-up attacks after he or his allies attack. He can increase his CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG depending on how many debuffs his enemies have.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicMind is MightDeals Imaginary damage to a single enemy.
SkillIntellectual MidwiferyDeals Imaginary damage to a single enemy.
UltimateSyllogistic ParadoxDeals Imaginary DMG a single enemy and applies Wiseman’s Folly.

When Dr. Ratio’s allies attack a target afflicted with Wiseman’s Folly, Dr. Ratio launches his Talent’s follow-up attack against this target.
TalentCogito, Ergo SumWhen using his Skill, Dr. Ratio has a 40% chance of launching a follow-up attack against his target for 1 time, dealing Imaginary DMG.

For each debuff the target enemy has, the chance of launching the follow-up attack increases.
TechniqueMold of IdolatryAfter using Technique, creates a special dimension that Taunts nearby enemies. After entering battle with enemies in this special dimension, reduces each single enemy target’s SPD.

New character – Xueyi

Xueyi is a 4-star Quantum element character who follows the path of Destruction.


One of the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission. Of the four duties of a judge (detention, interrogation, incarceration, and punishment), she is charged with detention. Holding iron chains and a Marasunder Awl in her hands, she tirelessly tracks down wanted criminals and subdues them.

Combat Role

Xueyi is a DPS character that is strongly focused on depleting Toughness. Her Ultimate can deplete enemy’s Toughness while ignoring Weakness Type, and she Charges whenever any ally reduces an enemy’s Toughness. When her Charges are stacked to their maximum capacity, her follow-up attack can be triggered.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicMara-Sunder AwlDeals Quantum damage to a single enemy.
SkillIniquity ObliterationDeals Quantum damage to a single enemy and adjacent enemies.
UltimateDivine CastigationDeals Quantum DMG to a single enemy. This attack ignores Weakness Types and reduces the enemy’s Toughness.

When the enemy’s Weakness is Broken, the Quantum Weakness Break effect is triggered. In this attack, the more Toughness is reduced, the higher the DMG will be dealt.
TalentKarmic PerpetuationWhen Xueyi or her allies deal damage to enemies Toughness, Karma will be stacked.

When Karma reaches the max number of stacks (8), Xueiyi immediately launches a follow-up attack against an enemy target, dealing Quantum DMG to the enemy.
TechniqueSummary ExecutionImmediately attacks the enemy. After entering combat, deals Quantum DMG to all enemies.


New character banners:
New Light Cone banners:
Rerun banners:

Blade and Kafka banners will be rerun during the patch:

  • Blade banner will be available during the first part, at the same time as Ruan Mei’s banner,
  • Kafka banner will be available during the second part, at the same time as Dr. Ratio’s banner.

New Main Story

Crown of the Mundane and Divine main story mission will be added and we will meet Ruan Mei there.

The space station has been bustling with activity lately. With the latest update to the Simulated Universe and the gathering of prominent figures from the Genius Society, everyone seems to have their own agenda. You can’t help but feel that there might be some unexpected events on the horizon.

New events

In the Critter Pick event, you will collect and fuse various critters.

Delectable little critters zapping all over the space station? Is this a dream? These little cuties are happily bounding around all over the place and now the responsibility of looking after them has fallen on your shoulders.

The Simulated Universe will receive an expansion which adds the Path of Erudition. This event is very similar to the Swarm Disaster with its own mechanics, skill tree and other new stuff.

Another event, Virtual Scentventure will introduce variants of enemies that have different skills than the usuals you fight. A very hard, Despair mode, will become available here once you finish the basic mode of it.

The Department of Ecology’s “Unknown Lifeform Smell-Induced Perceptions and Hallucinations” special test has begun. You have been specially invited as a qualified tester… Wait, what’s with these strange fragrances?

Pure Fiction

A new permanent mode – Pure Fiction – will be added where enemies constantly respawn and you get points for killing as many of them as possible in a limited number of turns.

Lynx will be a reward for clearing this mode for the first time.

Memory of Chaos

  • Memory of Chaos has been expanded by 2 new stages which will introduce harder enemies, but also more rewards
  • Memory of Chaos auto-clear will be added (up to stage 7),
  • More Memory of Chaos QOL changes will be added:
    • The team setup from the previous stage will be saved,
    • You will be able to quickly change and switch between the teams,

Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction Schedule

The two permanent ‘end-game’ modes will alternate now and last longer.

Free DR. Ratio

Everyone will receive a free Dr. Ratio when his banner will become available in the second part of the patch. Yes. A FREE LIMITED CHARACTER.

Between the start of the Version 1.6 “Panta Rhei” Event Warp and the end of Version 2.1, the Crew will be giving Dr. Ratio (The Hunt: Imaginary) ×1 via Mail to all Trailblazers who have completed the Trailblaze Mission “The Blue — A Moment of Peace” and unlocked the Mailbox function as thanks for your continuous support!

Patch 2.0 teaser

The Patch 2.0 has been teased during the stream and revealed the new characters that will appear in Penacony:

  • Robin
  • Misha
  • Firefly
  • Gallagher
  • Duke Inferno
  • Sam
  • Aventurine
  • Sparkle
  • Acheron
  • Black Swan

Below you can check the art for all of them:

Other updates

  • New area:
    • Herta Space Station Seclusion Zone
  • New Echo of War will be added,
    • It will become available after clearing the main story of the 1.6 patch.
  • The Daily Missions will become easier and take less time,
  • The usual login calendar with 10 Free Tickets will be available.


Here are three codes revealed with the stream:

  • VA8APU34C8C3

Each gives 100 Stellar Jades and some other goodies!

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