Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 – the first character revealed!

The drip marketing for the 2.0 patch of Honkai: Star Rail has started and the first character coming with this patch has been revealed – and it’s Black Swan!

Black Swan

Black Swan is a 5-star Wind character who follows the path of Nihility. Finally, it looks like Kafka fans’ prayers were answered! Black Swan will be released with the 2.0 patch on the 7th of February 2024.

Here’s a bit of lore information about her:

“If I can identify and encapsulate a fragment of memory before it’s unveiled to the world, those solitary moments of delight are my most favored and unique memories.”

A Memokeeper of the Garden of Recollection. A mysterious and elegant soothsayer. Bears a warm smile and is willing to patiently heed the words of another, and thus uses such means as a pretext to enter “memories” and gain a comprehension over the flow of all information. Feels strongly about collecting unique memories, yet the thoughts that guide her are hard to glean.

And here are her VA:

  • Chinese VA: ​杨梦露 (Yang Menglu)
  • English VA: Arryn Zech
  • Japanese VA: 生天目仁美 (Hitomi Nabatame)
  • Korean VA: 김하영 (Kim Ha-Young)


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