Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 Dev Notes!

The 2.0 Dev Notes for Honkai: Star Rail just dropped! You can find them by going here and below we posted the summary of the changes coming to the game soon – and by soon we mean after the 1.6 patch ends which will happen on the 7th of February 2024.


Relic system optimization

  1. Enhance to the next stage automatically (+3, +6, +9, etc),
  2. You can now pick what happens when salvaging 5* relics – either relic remains or relic exp,
  3. The discard relic function will be available on 2.0,
  4. Better filtering options will be added,
  5. Relic set recommendations for characters will be added.

Universal trace path material

  1. Tears of Dream can be used to replace trace or LC ascend mats,
  2. 6 new Crimson Calyx stages will be added which means that the 2.0 characters and their Light Cones will use different Traces materials – so don’t prefarm!
    • You will be able to exchange the already prefarmed Trace Materials for the new ones, but we don’t know the exchange rates or if you will need another item to do the exchange.
  3. Golden Calyxes will also drop the basic materials that you can obtain from defeating monsters.

Orlay Crossroads

The system will allow you to check the timeline of the story of the game and various events to recall what happened.

New Light Cones

The Forgotten Hall store will be updated with new Light Cones and you will be able to use the current currency to buy them.

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