Patch Notes.


  • Team Relay Event
  • Counter Case Update – Delta Seven: Pathfinder – Joo Shiyoung & Karin Wong
  • New Counter Pass – Lenore
  • Challenge Stage – The ALT Squad Is Here
  • Flashback Scenes – Carnival
  • Returning Employees – Kaci Bins, Raphaela Juri the Evil Chaser, Goliath

New Counter Pass – Lenore

Lenore is a 4-cost Strike who can do a lot of things. Not only she’s quite tanky for her cost, but she can counter attacks, detect Stealth, reduce enemy DEF, deal HP% damage, knock enemies back, remove Barriers, and grant Sure Fire to herself.

Woah. That was a long list.

Overall Lenore is like a swiss army knife that can do a lot of things, but there’s a cost to the versatility – everything she does is a bit worse than someone who is specialized can do. It’s not a big issue, but it will become important when you need to choose someone for the team – especially in PVE and especially because of her 4-cost. Still, because of the Counter mechanic, she is very useful in Raids because on top of shredding the boss DEF, she can also protect her allies from certain attacks.

Lenore biggest issue is her Ultimate. It’s a charge-type Ultimate which brings her further to the frontline and can get killed if used at a wrong time – it’s an issue because while she has a lot of tools to deal with the enemy, she lacks defensive measures.


  • PVE (Early) – A
  • PVE (Late) – A
  • PVP – B

Improvements & Changes

  1. Enhancement Modules acquired from [Switft Relic] molds will now be added to [Storage – Supplies].
  2. CEOs will now be able to check the Alternium Reactor’s information without having to acquire level 110. 
  3. You can now acquire all the [Season Reward] from Co-op battles at once.
  4. New titles are added to the game. 
    • FLEX-!
      • Use a Total of 200,000 Admin Coins
      • The expenditure count starts from Feb. 8, 2023, after the service transfer. 
    • Star Player
      • Reach 50,000 Total Wins in Ranked Battle
    • Undefeated
      • Reach 50 Longest Win Streak in Ranked Battle, Platinum 5 or higher
    • Britra Slayer
      • Reach 10,000 Raid MVPs in Britra Lv. 150
    • Inhibitor Slayer
      • Reach 10,000 Raid MVPs in Inhibitor Lv. 150
    • Deep Diver
      • Clear Deep Conquest Challenge Act 5-8
      • You can check the new titles from [Mission – Achievements].
  5. World Map Update
    • Dispatch Mission Claim All Function
      • If there are 2 or more completed dispatch missions, you will now be able to select [Claim All] to get all the rewards at once.  
      • The total sum of the same item from the completed dispatch missions will be displayed to the player. 
    • The focusing effect from the dive and raid after completing the dispatch mission will be removed.
    • [CSE Passive Raidar] facility will be removed.
      • Points and Credit used to establish this facility will be refunded in full.
      • Requirements for [Spatial Coordinates Fixator] and [Phased Array Radar]’s construction requirement will be removed.
    • The issue of reducing the great success rate upon reaching level 10 on the branch will be fixed.
    • Upon selecting the [Exchange Center] in the World Map will now directly transfer to the [Exchange – Dive].
    • If all the dispatch missions are completed, a push will be sent to your mobile device.
      • If the dispatch missions were sent from the Steam client, the completion push message will not be sent to your mobile device. 
      • This push option will work upon enabling the [Notification – All Dispatch missions completed] option.
    • The [Information Reception Agreement] option will be moved to the [Manage Account] tab.
  6. Limited to Android devices, progress status is displayed on the top bar during background download.

Bug Fixes

  • A fix where the Title for [ Police SWAT 4 ] is not acquirable even after getting the necessary employees to get it.
  • A fix where Naielle Bluesteel’s Immune to DMG buff is immediately removed when she uses an enhanced basic attack right after her Special Skill.
  • A fix on Edel Meitner’s voice on Swift Trimming Trinity. 
  • A fix on the battle conditions of the co-op battle where it was not being displayed as intended.
  • A fix where background images that are no longer available are included in the Background Collectables
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