Argenti is bugged and not working as he should!

With glorious hair, comes great responsibility… Or something similar. Argenti is the latest character added to Honkai: Star Rail and he specializes in dealing AoE damage, allowing him to quickly deal with big group enemies. Sadly, his single target damage output was underperforming even though his Ultimate has potentially the highest multiplier in the game. And this made the CN bros start to dig.

It turns out that Argenti’s Ultimate is indeed bugged.

Let’s look at the Ultimate:

Consumes 180 Energy and deals Physical DMG equal to 280% of Argenti’s ATK to all enemies, and further deals DMG for 6 extra time(s), with each time dealing Physical DMG equal to 95% of Argenti’s ATK to a random enemy.

The second part of the skill is the important one – the ‘bounces’ that randomly attack enemies and deal additional damage. If there’s just one enemy, all the ‘bounces’ should straight target him and deal a massive 570% of ATK damage, but sadly, that isn’t the case. At least not always. Somehow, the ‘bounces’ random targeting is truly random and it even targets DEAD enemies.

This means that if the wave started with 5 enemies and you’ve killed 4 of them, leaving just one enemy alive and you’ve used Argent’s Ultimate, you had a 20% chance per ‘bounce’ that it would hit the boss and 80% it would hit the dead enemies. And this drastically reduces his single target damage output.

This bug has been confirmed by Hoyoverse with the in-game notice, but we will have to wait till the 1.6 patch for it to be fixed:

This means that after the fix is applied, Argenti’s Single Target and Blast damage will drastically increase!

Huge thanks to the CN bros who were the first to report this issue here.

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  1. Guaranteed for Ruan Mei

    Meanwhile JY’s LL single random target logic 🗿. LL be like : will keep locking you even if you ded

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