Counter Side PVP tier list reworked!

Tier List Consolidation: As the gap between Global and SEA shortens with every patch, we have also used this as an opportunity to consolidate the two PVP tier lists into one. The original intention behind maintaining two-tier lists had been to distinguish between Global’s early server PVP meta and SEA’s more developed meta. With the majority of PVP-relevant characters released on both servers, there is no longer a need to separate the two lists.

PVP Tier List Overhaul: Since the last PVP tier list evaluation, stronger and stronger characters have been introduced into the game. Balance updates, new additions to the Rearmament system, and now the Alternium Reactor system continue to push the limits of character strength.

Over time, the top tiers (SSS/SS/S) have become bloated with all the new entries to the point where it has become difficult to assess character power level from rating. To address this issue, the tier list has been overhauled and the character pool has been re-evaluated to properly allocate characters as appropriate.

With these objectives in mind, the tier list definitions have been slightly adjusted to better categorize good units:

SSS – Meta-defining characters who shape the weekly meta with their existence. 

  • These characters dictate the weekly meta when they are free. This includes the pacing of games, the viability of lesser comps, and unit considerations when assembling teams.
  • These meta-warping characters see widespread use when they are unbanned.

SS – Solid well-rounded characters with few weaknesses.

  • These characters are strong options in the week but they are a tier below meta-defining characters. While they are good, their viability is dependent on the availability of other (SSS) units.
  • The counterplay to these units usually comes from running comps with innately better matchup. Individual counters can be unreliable and/or inefficient.

S – Decent characters with good performance that don’t see heavy use. 

  • Many characters are not individually capable of contributing enough to sway the meta, but act as solid supporting units that round out the team by filling the roles that need filling.
  • Many of these characters represent the first-choice option for those roles.

A – Niche characters strong in their niche. 

  • These characters have unique gimmicks in their kit that help them stay relevant. Not every comp can take advantage of their gimmicks, but you may periodically find yourself in situations where they “tick all the boxes” for the kind of unit you would need.
  • These units are not bad but they are used considerably less than the higher tier units as their performance swings heavily with the weekly bans.

B – Niche characters usable in their niche.

  • These characters have far more situational kits than A-tier units. Many of these characters are outperformed by other similar units that occupy a similar niche. Some of these units have unique utility with limited PVP application.
  • Characters core to niche comps that are otherwise underwhelming individually (mechs and soldiers) have been assigned here unless they are flexible enough to be used outside their namesake comps.

C – Mediocre characters strong on UP.

  • Many characters are too expensive for what they provide to the team. The buffs applied to UP units are enough to make these mediocre characters relevant.

D – Somewhat usable on UP.

  • Similar logic as C-tier characters, but the UP buff only makes them usable in specific teams at best.

E – Irredeemably bad.

  • Irredeemably bad.

A Note on “Meta”: Every character has good matchups and bad matchups. This tier list is meant to reflect character performance in general. Characters that aren’t meta-defining will invariably find themselves swept away by bigger threats on a given week. While this tier list does its best to reflect a unit’s PVP viability, it is important to understand that their performance is dictated primarily by the weekly bans and ups.

A Note on Soldiers and Mechs: Soldier and mech comps (notably non-ASSR variants) are a subset of rush comps that leverage faction-specific buffs to achieve incredibly high DPS numbers. Individually, the units that make up these comps are underwhelming at best. Like dedicated terror units, these soldiers and mechs are inflexible and struggle to find a place in other comps. As it would be difficult to assess these units within the context of one specific comp, and as the comps themselves have gradually been falling out of relevance from the PVP meta, most of these units have been assigned a B rating.

Key Takeaway: As a result of normalizing the tier list, most units beneath SSS-tier got pushed down one tier. The SSS/SS/S tiers have been slightly reorganized and many older units have been reviewed and updated to reflect their current PVP performance.

Written by coping mech players – AJake is holding us hostage please help.

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  1. AndBol

    I understand that the sequence of character releases may vary from region to region, but filtering by character release date (A-Z) was very helpful for planning banner rolls.
    It seems to me that it is worth keeping the ordering according to the release date in Korea.

    Also, I’m not the only one who has long wanted to see a character rearm filter, the same as for ASSR. Due to the fact that there are a lot of SSR characters, you have to scroll far down the page to see the full picture of the distribution of the rearm-characters in the tier-list. And due to the 6 types of different markings, it is quite difficult to focus on the rearm versions.
    You can easily imagine what I’m talking about if you try to find awakened characters by yourself in the general tier list , and then use the ASSR-filter. Immediately the tier list becomes clean, useful and informative. Similar to rearm versions.

    1. Antillar

      Sorting will be brought back in a few days. I will also add filters for Rearms and Alternium Core too – both to the tier list and Characters page.

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