Mini Game Adjustment

At the same time, we’ve received many suggestions to make the mini game, Memory of Goddess, a permanent content. The Developer team will refine the mini game’s rules and mechanics to give you a more pleasant permanent experience of MOG. There will also be more mini games coming in the future, so please look forward to them.

December Event – NEVERLAND

To present you with more surprises and fun in December, we have put in a lot of effort. We are currently preparing a fully voiced story event, NEVERLAND, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

This event will showcase a visual novel mini game which focuses on the stories. Although we hope all of you will like it, we know that you each have your own preferences just like with other ordinary mini games. We’ve prepared various types of mini games that require more diverse gameplay in the second half of the year, and in this mini game, you’ll be able to adjust the pace temporarily. We developed the mini game with the intention to give you more stories and different kinds of fun, so we hope you can take your time with it. For the Developer team, this is a whole new challenge among the mini games we’re making, and we hope you can enlighten us with your suggestions. Your comments will serve as great experience for our future mini games development. Thank you for always offering valuable advice through the customer service center and communities, helping us become a better game.

I would also like to give you a tip on how to enjoy NEVERLAND more. The event field this time is much bigger than usual and better captures the romantic scenery of winter, so it’ll be more fun if you observe the animations on the field in landscape mode. I hope this tip can be of some help to Commanders who find it more convenient to use the landscape mode.

First Rerun Characters

Recently, we’ve received many feedback about rerun events and rerun characters. As such, we decided to bring back Rupee: Winter Shopper and Anne: Miracle Fairy as the first rerun characters in anticipation of the winter event.

The rerun mechanics are based on the incorporation of the previous survey answers and our internal discussion results, and they are as follows:

During the winter event, Rupee: Winter Shopper and Anne: Miracle Fairy will appear in the Limited-Time Recruitment with other new limited Nikkes with a certain probability.

The chance of recruiting an SSR in the winter event’s Limited-Time Recruitment is 4%, while the chance of recruiting a new Limited Nikke is 2%. These probability rates are the same as the current rates. Of course, the chance of recruiting a Pilgrim is still 0.5%. The chance of recruiting an SSR character will be lowered to 0.5% (from the current 1.5%), and there will be a 1% chance (newly added) of recruiting the rerun characters, Rupee: Winter Shopper and Anne: Miracle Fairy. This means that Rupee: Winter Shopper and Anne: Miracle Fairy each have a 0.5% chance of appearing.

In simpler words, 
the probability info of the winter event‘s Limited-Time Recruitment for SSR is 4% = New Limited Nikkes 2% + Pilgrim 0.5% + Rerun characters 1% + other SSRs 0.5%

The rerun characters can also be obtained using 200 Gold Mileage Tickets during the Limited-Time Recruitment.

Aside from the above mechanics, the rerun method and details may undergo more optimizations. We are open to suggestions and feedback for the first rerun this time. Please feel free to share your feedback on social media

Improvements to Items

Next, let me update you on the improvements we’ve made to the items.

We will enhance the function that specifies the quantity when you use the items. This improvement will apply to consumables such as selection boxes and credit cases beginning December. We hope that with this, growing your Nikkes and using the shop will be much more convenient.

Other than that, we will make improvements so that it’s easier to equip Harmony Cubes. By December, you will be able to check the Cube’s skill info in the Nikke Info page and change the Nikke equipped with the Cube with more ease. Hopefully, this optimization will make Solo Raid and other main contents more user-friendly.

Nikke Page Search Function

Here’s an update on the Nikke page search function we’ve promised in the 1st Anniversary video.

Currently, we have two main goals for this improvement — first, the function to filter Nikkes with the red dot indicator to grow them quickly and conveniently, and second, the function to search the Nikke in mind accurately by typing in her name. We’re expecting to roll out these functions by January. Moreover, we’re preparing to update the Nikkepedia to make it easier for you to search Nikkes you don’t own. Once again, thank you to everyone who gave us support and various suggestions in celebration of the 1st Anniversary. 

Additional Skill Level Development Materials

Now, let me tell you more about a plan we’ve also mentioned in the 1st Anniversary video. In January, we plan to introduce an Overclocking function in Simulation Room which will give additional skill level development materials. Overclock is an additional mode where you can challenge yourself with the level 5 difficulty in Simulation Room. You can continue to enjoy the existing features in Simulation Room comfortably, and we will provide various difficulty adjustment options so players who like concentrated shooting experience can have more choices. Overclock will adopt a seasonal system with each season lasting two weeks or longer. The initial seasons will be the beta seasons, and we will gradually optimize the features. We encourage you to explore various game modes and give us your valuable suggestions. With the Overclock mode in Simulation Room as the starting point, we will implement a plan to enhance the quantity and quality of various contents in 2024. When the time comes for me to meet all of you again, I will organize our development plan for next year’s contents and share more information.


Before we knew it, winter has approached, and 2023 is coming to an end.

Just like what we’ve been doing in the past year, we will give it our all in the new year to develop more contents for GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

We are very sorry for the delayed update about the improvements to manage the operational fatigue for Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers. As the answers to our survey questions do not show a clear inclination toward a particular side, the Developer team is still engaged in intense discussions and meticulous analysis. We will share our progress again with you through future Developer’s notes. This is a complex plan, after all, so we ask for your kind understanding.

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