New Christmas Seasonal Episode – Starlight Magician

The new Christmas seasonal episode, Starlight Magician, depicts the story of the White Rabbit Squad’s Christmas, where they wish Santa and Rudolph could share gifts. The plot then revolves around the Academy Student Council members preparing for the Christmas event.

Naielle and Mika★Star will be involved in both volunteer activities and events, leading to an entertaining and dynamic storyline.

Please look forward to the upcoming Christmas seasonal episode!

3rd Prestige Service

The second Prestige Service, which has been ongoing since August, will conclude on December 19th at 22:00 (UTC-5). Following the maintenance, the third Prestige Service will begin.

The featured employee for the third Prestige Skin is [Asmodeus Rosaria le Friede], and the skin is named [Magical★Slayer].

Similar to the second Prestige Service, the third Prestige Service includes step-by-step rewards and extra rewards based on the Admin Coins used after receiving the Prestige Skin.

Additionally, obtaining the third Prestige Skin will grant you an exclusive title and a skill cut-in trophy.

For those who already possess the first and second Prestige Skins, we will be providing you with the exclusive title and skill cut-in trophy accordingly.

Unit Survivability Adjustment Under Gauntlet Conditions

The development team has determined that contrary to the intended design, the combat duration in the gauntlet has been prolonged. As a primary measure, a patch was implemented by reducing the healing amount based on the number of bans received.

However, with the extended service period, the increasing variety of units with diverse skill mechanics has resulted in the gauntlet’s combat duration not being shortened as intended by the development team.

In light of this, the development team is currently reviewing adjustments to the survival capabilities of units within the gauntlet environment only to provide a swift and engaging gauntlet experience.

The aspects under consideration for adjustment are outlined below, and please note that the proposed changes have not been finalized. Be aware that the information provided is subject to change.

Healing & Barrier Adjustments

  • Because units that can heal others show that they survive longer than the expected duration, self-healing ability will be removed.
  • Healing & barriers provided in proportion to health will be adjusted based on the unit’s stats or proportionate to lost health.

Reassessment of Unit Abilities and Stats with High-Value Relative to Cost

It has been determined that a reassessment is necessary for certain unit abilities and stats that possess high value relative to their deployment cost.

As a result, the values for the following unit abilities and stats will be reevaluated based on the deployment cost used, or the effectiveness of certain unit abilities will be reduced accordingly.

▣ Unit Abilities

  • Immunity to DMG: Units with this ability may get a different ability or have the ability’s effect reduced based on the unit cost.
  • DMG Taken Limit: Units with this ability may get a different ability or have the ability’s effect reduced based on the unit cost.
  • Retreat: The total retreat count will be differentially applied based on the unit cost for units with retreat mechanics.
  • Perfect EVA: Units with this ability may get a different ability or have the ability’s effect reduced based on the unit cost.

▣ Stats

  • Status Effect RES:  The value of Status Effect RES, which has become more valuable due to an increase in debuff types will be differentially applied based on the unit cost.
  • DMG RDC: Aside from passives or equipment, DMG RDC will be reassessed by differentiating the amount of DMG RDC received based on the unit costs.
  • Forward Deployment Survivability Stat: Survival stats for high-valued forward deployment units that can survive even after disrupting the opponent’s battle formation will be adjusted accordingly based on the unit cost.
  • Summons: Summons will have their stats reevaluated based on their opportunity costs.

The adjustments mentioned will impact the majority of units, and as mentioned earlier, the adjustments are planned to be implemented exclusively within the gauntlet environment.

Additionally, adjustments that could significantly impact the PvE environment due to changes in units’ Passive Skill and similar factors will be excluded, hence the characteristics for each unit in PvE will be maintained and preserved.

Anticipating significant changes in the gauntlet environment due to these adjustments, we aim to listen to the opinions of our CEOs regarding unit survivability in the gauntlet through a survey.

Detailed information about the survey will be provided in a separate announcement, so please check the announcement and share your opinions.

Beyond these survivability adjustments, the development team will continue to strive to provide CEOs with an even more enjoyable gauntlet experience.

World Map Renewal

Improvements for World Map branches and dispatch missions are underway.

First, a feature to collect all rewards at once from World Map dispatch missions will be added.

If there are two or more collectible dispatch mission rewards, the system will allow CEOs to receive the rewards all at once.

Furthermore, when World Map events (Dive, Raid) occur, the WARNING screen will be displayed only once. The messages displayed separately for Raid and Dive events will be consolidated and shown as [Disturbance Occurred]. 

In addition, the camera focusing effects during Dive and Raid appearances will be removed.

Second, when each branch reaches level 10, the success rates for S-rank and A-rank dispatch missions will no longer decrease.

Third, to simplify the branch facilities, the CSE Passive Radar will be removed.

The CSE Passive Radar facility was designed to increase the chance of finding high-grade Disturbance; however, with the recent update, these high-level Disturbances no longer occur.

Consequently, to streamline the intricate branch facilities in a more straightforward manner, the CSE Passive Raid facility, which increases the chance of finding high-grade Disturbance, will be removed.

With the removal patch for the CSE Passive Raid facility, the currently installed CSE Passive Radar facilities in the branch will be eliminated. The prerequisites associated with this facility will be removed, and the Facility Points and Credits spent on installation will be refunded.

Quality of Life Improvement on Co-op Battle Rewards

To alleviate the stress of selecting each reward for [Kill Points Reward] and [Total Participations Reward], a feature to collectively receive all the rewards will be updated.

New Christmas Skin

▣ Magical Snow Santa – Mika★Star

▣ Rudolf on Duty – Naielle Bluesteel

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