Black Clover Mobile KR/JPN half-anniversary details

The half-anniversary details were revealed in a stream that you can watch here – beware, it’s in Korean, but you can find a summary below!

Half-anni Event Summary

  • A lot of freebies, including universal SSR shards, summons tickets, and potentially free SSR characters will be given during the half-anni event,
  • The ”New Player Login Event” that is available to anyone starting the game will be reworked and now it will include an SSR character selector, universal SSR dupe, a lot of EXP potions and more Gems,
  • Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 limited characters will be rerun in their own banners,
  • The Festival banner for Julius will return, so if you missed him, you will have a chance to get one of the strongest characters in the game!

Black Clover Mobile 2.0

On top of various events, they announced some big changes and improvements coming together with the half-anniversary update.


  • All current PVE events like Raid Boss or Subjugation events will be reworked to be both more fun and more rewarding,
  • They also plan to rework some of the content that requires stamina like Guild Battles and they will temporarily disable it till they come up with a better version.


  • The beta for RTA (Real Time Arena) will be released – you can battle other players in real time!
  • A RTA PVP-oriented event will be released to February that will allows players to test themselves in the new mode and obtain some great rewards.


  • The current level 100 limit for characters will be increased to 125,
    • And they plan to further increase the level cap with future updates,
  • Gateway of Destiny will now allow you to pick characters from PREVIOUS SEASONS – so this means that they’re removing the limited part of the seasonal system and every month you will be able to pick any Seasonal (past or present) character.

New Characters

  • Black Asta will be the second Festival unit added to the game (after Julius) and he will be released together with the half-anniversary,
  • In the official half-anniversary trailer they also showcased Spirit Dive Yuno and Valkyrie Noelle – those who are familiar with the manga and anime should know about them, but for others here’s how they look:

Spirit Dive Yuno

Valkyrie Noelle

So there’s high chance those two are among the upcoming characters together with Black Asta!

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