New Shinsu Link Grade

The ‘SS2’ rank has been added to the Growth > Shinsu Link. You can level up to Lv.400 after the limit break.

New Adventure Chapter

New Adventure Floors, from ‘36F Floating Ship Restaurant’ to ‘40F Farm Coast’ have been added.

36F Floating Ship Restaurant37F Wooden Horse Station
38F Abandoned Platform39F Floating Island Auction House
40F Farm Coast

Black Market Summon

You can obtain SSR+ teammate, S-rank Equipment, and various growth materials at the Black Market.

Unlock ConditionThe Black Market is available after clearing Adventure Stage 16-20.
How to AccessIt can be accessed through 2 ways below.
[Black Market] at the left side of the main lobby screen
[Control Center > Black Market] at the bottom of the main lobby screen
How to Use– You can use either Suspendium or Black Market Tickets in the Black Market Summon.
– You can select an SSR+ teammate you want to meet in the Black Market by pressing the [Change Teammate Request] button. Requested teammates will appear according to set rates. All SSR+ teammates will appear at the existing rate if you do not select an SSR+ teammate.
The SSR+ Collaboration teammate will not appear in the Black Market Summon.  
Black Market SSR+ Bonus – You can receive an SSR+ bonus by reaching a summon count milestone.
You will be able to select and obtain a requested SSR+ teammate. If all SSR+ teammates’ Limit Break are finished, you will receive an SSR+ Selection Chest.

Auto Progress Mode

You can auto-progress the Adventure, Trial of Chaos, and Trial of Origin.

Applied ContentsAdventure Mode / Trial of Chaos / Trial of Origin * [Auto Progress] is not applied to content where [Quick Results] is applied.
DetailsYou can auto-progress the stage repeatedly while maintaining the formation you initially selected.
You can use it by pressing the [Auto Progress] button at the bottom of the combat preparation screen. [Auto-set Graphics Quality] will be changed to ‘Low’ when you start Auto Progress Mode.
Exiting Auto Progress Mode will apply the previously set Graphics Quality.
Exit Auto Progress ModeAuto Progress Mode will end in the following situations:   ● Swiping the screen to stop the Auto Progress Mode ● Clearing the final stage ● Obtaining a teammate as a clear reward ● New content opening ● Progressing Tutorial ● A network problem occurred during the Auto Progress Mode ● If even one teammate is not deployed in the multi-deck usage stage.

Summon History Checking Feature

  • You can check your summon history for the last 3 months through the [Record] button at the top right of the Summon screen.
  • As Summon history data has been accumulated since around 9/20, you can check your Summon history for about 2 months as of 11/29.
  • You will be able to check Summon history from the past 3 months starting around 12/20.
  • Scroll down to check your summon history at the Summon Record screen.


Adventure Stages Difficulty Adjustments

The numerical ranges of all enemies’ Swiftness stats have been adjusted to lower the difficulty of stages 31F ‘Weapon Test Facility’ to 35F ‘Station Platform’.

Content Rewards Improvements

Weekly Mission and the Guardian’s Test will still take place before this week’s update. We will distribute what is missing from the improved rewards retroactively in waves to the mailbox after the 11/29 Update.

① Daily and Weekly Mission Reward Improvement

  • Rewards for clearing daily and weekly missions have been increased.
  • The Master Key, which can be obtained as a mission reward, can be used in the ‘Secret Floor’.
MissionAchieved PointRewards After Improvement
Daily20 – Loot Shinsu Amplification (2H) x1  – Mission Pass Coin x20  – Crystal Chest x1 (Added to the reward after clearing Adventure Stage 5-40)
40 – Loot Coin Amplification (2H) x1  – Mission Pass Coin x30  – Equipment Element Change Ticket x1 (Added to the reward after clearing Adventure Stage 11-40)
60 – Loot EXP Amplification (2H) x1  – Gift Chest x1  – Mission Pass Coin x40
80 – Suspendium x100  – Mission Pass Coin x60
100 – Normal Summon Ticket x1  – Mission Pass Coin x100  – Master Key x3 (Added to the reward after clearing Adventure Stage 15-20)
Weekly20 – Loot Coin Amplification (16H) x1  – Mission Pass Coin x80  – Crystal Chest x3 (Added to the reward after clearing Adventure Stage 5-40)
40 – Gift Chest x10  – Common Enhancement Hammer x2,000  – Mission Pass Coin x160
60 – SSR Soulstone x10  – Regular Arena Ticket x3  – Mission Pass Coin x240
80 – Suspendium x400  – Conquest Auto Clear Ticket x3  – Mission Pass Coin x320
100 – Normal Summon Ticket x10  – Mission Pass Coin x400  – Master Key x10 (Added to the reward after clearing Adventure Stage 15-20)

② Guardian’s Test Rewards Improvement

  • Certain test objective rewards have been changed in [Test 1] and [Test 2] of all days of the Guardian’s Test.
Test 1 of All DaysLoot Coin Amplification (24H) x1Loot Coin Amplification (24H) x2
Test 2 of All DaysLoot Coin Amplification (24H) x1Loot EXP Amplification (12H) x1

③ Clear Floor Achievement Mission Rewards Improvement

  • Black Market Tickets have been added to the Clear Floor Achievement Mission rewards from Adventure Mode 16F.
  • The number of Normal Summon Tickets, which is a Achievement Mission reward for clearing Adventure Mode 16F to 30F, has been increased to 10.
Achievement MissionAdded / Changed Rewards
Clear 16F – 30F in Adventure Mode(Before) Normal Summon Ticket x3 (After) Normal Summon Ticket x10
Clear 16F – 20F in Adventure ModeBlack Market Ticket x10 has been added
Clear 21F – 25F in Adventure ModeBlack Market Ticket x15 has been added
Clear 26F or higher in Adventure ModeBlack Market Ticket x20 has been added
  • Regulars who have already completed “Clear Floor 16 in Adventure Mode” Achievement Mission will receive Black Market Tickets and Normal Summon Tickets retroactively in the [Mailbox]. This can be confirmed after the Update maintenance is completed on 11/29.

Content Usage Improvement

Alliance Check-in● In [Alliance > Alliance Check-in] the attendance of Alliance members will be displayed. ● Attendance can only be confirmed by the Alliance Leader and Officers.  
Trial of Origin● You can check your Clear Count before entering ‘Trial of Origin’.  

Common Rules for Content-Only Skills

Skill effects used in specific contents are applied regardless of teammates’ Effect Resistance and Debuff Immunity or Remove skills.

Affected Skill Effects: Buff Cards in the Conquest Mode, Power Cards in the Event Boss Battles, Alliance Skills in the Alliance Expedition, debuffs applied to the opponent’s formation in Element Training, Restraints in the Secret Floor, etc.

Gyetang ‘Dark Erebus’

– The new Costume can be obtained through [A Battle of Chefs: The Royal Cook-Off!] Event Exchange Shop.

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