November 28th Surprise Livestream Summary


Thank you Hyun for providing the translations from KR!

X-Mas Event Skins

Event: Super Smash! Labyrinth All Stars (12/7 – 12/14)

  • Monsterville not yet ready, so this is a placeholder event
  • This is a 1-floor dimensional labyrinth content
    • Every boss that’s been released from guild raids, seasonal events, ESS etc. will be out as enemies


  • Three entries per day
  • Up to 5 additional entries by spending 300 everstones for each entry


  • Total of 5 difficulty stages – until you clear, you can forfeit and try different difficulties
  • Once you defeat all the bosses and clear, entry is used up and rewards are given
  • You need to clear previous difficulty stage to clear next stage


  • You may select 5 souls for entry, and you cannot change your team until you defeat all the bosses within the stage
  • Things will reset per combat; so if a Soul dies during a combat, she will be back in next combat
  • Edith is required in your team. If you do not own Edith, a hire is available

<Training Points>

  • You earn training points for each difficulty stage clear
  • You may select buffs that are only applicable within <Super Smash! Labyrinth All Stars> content using the training points (ATK/DEF/HP)
  • You can reset used training points to select different buffs for free
  • You cannot change or reset buffs during an attempt
  • You earn training points from additional entries purchasable with everstones as well


  • For each difficulty stage clear, you earn (2h) Resource Bundle (incl. mana dust, mana crystal, and gold)
    • Stage 1: 1x (2h) Resource Bundle
    • Stage 2: 2x (2h) Resource Bundle
    • Stage 3: 3x (2h) Resource Bundle
    • Stage 4: 4x (2h) Resource Bundle
    • Stage 5: 5x (2h) Resource Bundle
  • Additionally, upon clearing all 5 stages, <Super Smash! Labyrinth All Stars> sticker will be given

Guild Raid

Dark Knight (12/7 – 12/14)


  • Max town level extended from 17 -> 20
    • Lvl. 18 reward: 500 town coins, large cafe 1x, rest slot 1x
    • Lvl. 19 reward: 500 town coins, large library 1x, savior statue 1x (town pts +1000, idle gold +15/min, idle dust +20/min buff)
    • Lvl. 20 reward: 500 town coins, large cathedral 1x, rest slot 1x
  • Town items that do not give town points will be moved from <Normal> to <Decoration> category
  • Lord’s castle floors 6 and 7 will be added


  • [Savior Information] tab will be added to player profiles
  • [Savior Information] tab has various information about the player that the player can choose to show/hide [previous guild raid / ESS achievements are not retroactively updated]
  • You may opt in to completely hide either the default tab or savior information tab. Hidden tab will not be viewable by other players
    • If both tabs are open for view, the [Profile] tab will be shown first
  • [Profile] tab’s default profile will be removed. The information from there is now viewable in [Savior Information] tab instead
  • On account creation, [Profile] tab will be hidden by default


  • Touch interaction added for Mephistopheles in Ark menu.
  • Keepsake filter function added to Keepsake equip pop-up window
  • Information from result screen after losing combat will be revamped

Other Information

  • Teasing new Demon soul coming soon™️
  • Idol skins are finished, but music videos are not; hoping to be done by 1st year anniversary!
  • Prim illustration will be fixed
  • Faction gates will be updated, but not yet; because you will need to use rare souls , planning depths style – probably once there are enough souls for each faction
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