Reverse: 1999 1.5 Skins Trailer and Ulu’s Kit Preview!

We’re less than one week away from Patch 1.5 on CN server, and updates keep coming! Today, let’s take a look at the upcoming skins and the new 5✦ Support character, Ulu!

Ulu’s Character Preview


NOTE: The numbers for any of her skills or insights haven’t been divulged officially yet. They will be added in full to the database once the character gets released.
Ulu is a 5✦ Mineral Support character who deals Mental DMG and excels at adding stacks of [Burn] to enemies. She can also help the team with a bit of healing every round, as well as having a universal +DMG Dealt and -DMG Received buff as her ultimate.

Insight I

After attacking an enemy under the [Burn] status, restores HP to all allies. This effect can only be triggered once per round.

Insight II

When the caster enters battle, DMG Taken reduced.

Insight III

Every round, inflicts several stacks of [Burn] to all enemies.

[Burn]: Healing received by the bearer is reduced. At the end of the round, each stack of [Burn] will cause the target affected to suffer damage equal to a percentage of their own ATK. After each round ends, half of the [Burn] stacks will be consumed. Multiple stacks of [Burn] are considered as one [Neg. Status].


Skill 1 – Opening Ceremony

1-Target attack, dealing Mental DMG. If the target is in the [Burn] state, this attack enjoys additional Penetration Rate.

Skill 2 – Beating Heart

Mass Attack. Deals Mental DMG to 2 targets and adds a stack of [Burn].

Ultimate – Everlasting Fire, Blazing Heart

Mass Buff. Increases the damage caused by all allies and reduces the damage received; if the total number of [Burn] stacks carried by the enemy team exceeds a certain number, the +DMG Bonus to all allies is further increased.

Udimo: Torch

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