Reverse: 1999 The Rising Star: Spathodea’s kit Revealed!


Era: 1990s
Birthday: January 10
Spathodea is from an immigrant family with excellent athletic ability. Her cheerful personality allowed her to quickly adapt to the unfamiliar land. She won the boxing championship with her dexterous posture and made many friends with her gentle and considerate personality.
Most of the time, Spathodea is an easygoing girl, but this does not mean she’s a perfect child. Whenever she aims at a goal, her tenacity and stubbornness are displayed in full, and at certain moments, this attitude makes little bits of fire burn around her, jumping and flying under the heat. This rendered her the cute nickname “Flammy”.

Character PV

Udimo: Humming Bird


NOTE: The numbers for any of her skills or insights haven’t been divulged officially yet. They will be added in full to the database once the character gets released.
Spathodea is a Beast-type crit-oriented character who deals Reality DMG. She can increase her own critical rate and inflict stacks of [Burn] that deal high burst damage. The critical strike caused by her Ultimate will also be greatly increased by the amount of stacks of [Burn] that the target carries.

  • Insight I: Every attack adds a stack of [Burn] to the target. Under this state, the critical hit of the next attack will be increased.
  • Insight II: When entering battle, DMG dealt is increased.
  • Insight III: When a single-target attack lands a critical hit, the target will be given an additional stack of [Burn].

    [Burn]: Healing received by the bearer is reduced. At the end of the round, each stack of [Burn] will cause the target affected to suffer damage equal to a percentage of their own ATK. After each round ends, half of the [Burn] stacks will be consumed. Multiple stacks of [Burn] are considered as one [Neg. Status].


Little Boxer

1-Target skill, causing Reality DMG. If the caster is in [Pre-ignition] state, the critical damage of this attack will be increased.
[Pre-ignition]: Consumed before attacking. Each stack of [Pre-ignition] consumed before attacking will give the target a stack of [Burn] status.

Burning Point

Self-buff. Gives the caster [Pre-ignition] and [Invigoration], as well as [Preparation: Ignition Point] statuses.
[Invigoration]: Consumed when attacking, the critical hit rate of the next attack is increased based on the amount of stacks consumed.
[Preparation: Ignition Point]: At the beginning of the next round, a “Little Boxer” incantation will appear with the corresponding level generated. Only one pre-spell can be summoned each time.

Fire on Fire (Ultimate)

1-Target attack, causing Reality DMG. Has increased Critical hit rate; If the carries a certain level of [Burn] stacks, then this attack gains additional Critical DMG.

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  1. Clararannn

    Okay I’ve realised that she might be an S-A tier beast DPS. She might be AP-greedy as she needs to buff herself with the self-buff incanation(did I spell that right?) to deal more crit DMG.
    Overall, in my opinion, she will not be able to replace Centurion or Melania, but she may still be a good replacement.

    1. Clararannn

      We have not seen her portray kit yet, but I do hope it’s good.

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