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[Operation Eden Alliance: Troyca]

Event Period: November 23 afternoon—December 6, 23:59 UTC

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.

Daily Operation: Enemy Battle formation / Selected Disadvantage

  • Updated Selected Disadvantage Info will be available through [Operation Eden Alliance → Daily Operation → Selected Disadvantage Info] after update.

Infinite Operation: Enemy Battle Formation / Selected Disadvantage / Infinite Operation Information

  • Eileen, Talia, Jade, Manon, Prim, and Sharinne will advent for Operation Eden Alliance during the current event period (using Ranged Formation in the battle).
    • Sharrine will make a surprise appearance when selecting disadvantages.
  • Some changes to the concept and skills of enemies appearing as enemies in Infinite Operation will take place.
  • Eden Operation Alliance: Troyca will include forced Disadvantage rules.
  • You can check the changed selection Disadvantages in [Eden Alliance Operations → Infinite Operations → Selection Disadvantage] after the update.
    • Please check the table below for the changed Infinite Ops mission information.
  • You can only earn Infinite Operation mission rewards once during the event period.

Updated Tier Info based on Infinite Operation Scores in Infinite Operation 

TierTop N%Reward
Bronze III100%Everstone x350 + Sticker: Troyca (Bronze) x1
Bronze II90%Everstone x385 + Sticker: Troyca (Bronze) x1
Bronze I80%Everstone x420 + Sticker: Troyca (Bronze) x1
Silver III70%Everstone x490 + Sticker: Troyca (Silver) x1
Silver II60%Everstone x560 + Sticker: Troyca (Silver) x1
Silver I50%Everstone x630 + Sticker: Troyca (Silver) x1
Gold III40%Everstone x735 + Sticker: Troyca (Gold) x1
Gold II30%Everstone x840 + Sticker: Troyca (Gold) x1
Gold I20%Everstone x945 + Sticker: Troyca (Gold) x1
  Platinum III15%Everstone x1,085 + Sticker: Troyca (Platinum) x1
Platinum II10%Everstone x1,225 + Sticker: Troyca (Platinum) x1
Platinum I5%Everstone x1,365 + Sticker: Troyca (Platinum) x1
Master3%Everstone x1,540 + Sticker: Troyca (Master) x1
Challenger1%Everstone x1,750 + Sticker: Troyca (Challenger) x1

[New Area 25]

  • Battlefront Area 25: Apeiron Sea Cave  will be added.
    • Update Schedule: November 23 after maintenance

[Black Friday Special Everstone Shop]

  • Every day during the event, there will be a variety of items available for purchase with Everstone with a big discount.
    • Period:  November 23  after maintenance—November 29, 23:59 UTC

[New Story]

  • Love Story for Souls Dora will be added.
    • Upon reaching True Ending with Dora’s Love Story, you will receive an exclusive costume for the Soul.
    • Update Schedule: November 23 after maintenance

[Guaranteed Epic! Starting Summon]

  • Update Schedule: November 23 after maintenance
    • <10 Guaranteed Epic starting summons> will be available for 2,100 Paid Everstones once per account.
    • When you use this summon, you will summon one or more Epic Souls.
    • After using this Summon, the tab will not be displayed in the Summon screen anymore.
    • The summon count on <10 Guaranteed Epic starting summons> will not apply to Normal Summons Epic Count.

[Sticker System]

  • Sticker system to decorate your profile will be introduced.
    • Update Schedule: November 23 after maintenance
  • A Sticker tab will be added to your custom profile.
  • Stickers can be earned from various content in the future.
    • ex) Operation Eden Alliance: Troycaa Tier Reward
  • You can place earned stickers on your profile.
    • You can only place as many as you have.

[Origin +1 Keepsake]

  • You can transcend an Origin Keepsake to Origin+1 Keepsake.
    • Update Schedule: November 23 after maintenance
    • To transcend a Keepsake to Origin +1 tier, you need Origin +1 molds and Keepsake Transcendence Stones.
    • You can get an Origin +1 mold starting in Battlefront Area 25 Stage 1.
    • You can transcend an Origin Tier Keepsake that has reached its maximum level (level 10) to Origin+1.

Origin +1 Mold List

ClockMold: Table Clock of WishesMold: Pocket Watch of WishesMold: Hourglass of Wishes
Music BoxMold: Music Box of WishesMold: Orgel of WishesMold: Snow Globe of Wishes
MirrorMold: Table Mirror of WishesMold: Folding Mirror of WishesMold: Hand Mirror of Wishes
KeyMold: Safe Key of WishesMold: Master Key of WishesMold: Magic Key of Wishes
Mold Selection ChestOrigin +1 Mold Selection Chest



  • Balance Patch will take place for Dora, Mica, Seeha, Naiah, Prim, Melfice, Bryce, and Ayame.
  • Please check the details here


  • You can set favorites in the friends list.
  • Favorites can be set by clicking ☆ next to the nickname, and can be registered / unregistered.
  • In a separate tab, you can see the friends who helped your Town yesterday.


  • The conditions for opening content will change. This may result in some content being opened or locked.
Gate Breakthrough2—102—13
Level Sync2—202—28
Dimensional Labyrinth2—284—30
Type Gate2—106—35
Evil Soul Subjugation5—107—15
Hall of Memories3—207—35
Operation Eden Alliance8—168—15
Ark Enhance8—168—15
Tower of Origin8—168—35
Challenger Mode13—459—40
Erika’s Alchemy10—4010—20
Champs Arena5—110—40
  • There will be victory motions for Souls to play when they retreat during a Practice Battle.
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