Reverse: 1999 1.5 patch trailer and content revealed!

The official trailer for 1.5 patch of Reverse: 1999 just dropped! Check the summary of the upcoming patch with us!


You can watch the official trailer here:


  • New event – Revival! The Uluru Games
  • Four new characters:
    • Spathodea (6☆, Beast)
    • Ezra Theodore (6☆, Star)
    • Ulu (5☆, Mineral)
    • Desert Flannel (5☆, Beast)
  • New Garments (skins):
    • Tooth Fairy
    • Dikke
    • Pavia
    • Darley Clatter
  • New banners
  • New Wilderness set
  • New Anecdotes chapters
  • New Mane’s Bulletin Boss
  • Minor updates to other systems

New event – Revival! The Uluru Games

Patch 1.5 of Reverse: 1999 will take us to Australia! Vertin and co will meet a reincarnator there and with their help, The Uluru Games which haven’t been held in ages will be revived! Yes, this sounds like a tournament arc patch and we know how great those usually are in books and various games!

New characters

Four new characters will be released with the 1.5 patch:

Spathodea (6☆, Beast)

And here is her Insight 2 art:

Also, a funny bit of info about Spathodea – here’s the original of the name:

Spathodea campanulata is a declared class 3 pest species in Queensland, Australia, under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002. It is known to be toxic to Australian native stingless bees, such as Lipotriches (Austronomia) flavoviridis.

It has been nominated as among 100 of the “World’s Worst” invaders.

Ezra Theodore (6☆, Star)

And here is their Insight 2 art:

Ulu (5☆, Mineral)

And here is her Insight 2 art:

Desert Flannel (5☆, Beast)

And here is her Insight 2 art:

New Garments (skins)

Four new skins will be released in the 1.5 patch of Reverse: 1999!

  • Tooth Fairy – Paid Shop Skin
  • Dikke – 1.5 Battle Pass Skin
  • Pavia – Paid Shop Skin
  • Darley Clatter – 1.5 Event Free Skin

Here’s a closer look at Tooth Fairy and Pavia skins:

New banners

Here are the banners coming in the 1.5 patch:

From November 30 to December 21:

  • Spathodea (6☆, Beast)
  • Ulu (5☆, Mineral)
  • Dikke (5☆, Beast)

From December 21 to January 11:

  • Ezra Theodore (6☆, Star)
  • Desert Flannel (5☆, Beast)
  • Satsuki (5☆, Plant)

New Wilderness set

As usual, a new Wilderness set will become available with the new patch and it’s, obviously, Australia-themed:

New events

  • 14 Free Unilogs login campaign (7 on First Banner, 7 on Second Banner);
  • Log in for a total of 10 days during the patch duration to receive an exclusive Wilderness building, as well as free materials;
  • Two new side-events for the new characters (Spathodea and Ezra Theodore);
  • Three new mini-game events;
  • New UTTU.

Updates to other content

  • New Anecdotes chapters and challenges:
    • Dikke: From December 11, to December 25
    • Erick: From December 25, to January 8
  • New boss added to Mane’s Bulletin. “The Brain”, for the “Hypothesis of the Exhibition” raid.
  • A new timer will be added to show the remining duration of Picrasma Candies in the player’s inventory.
  • Players can now rename their saved and preset teams.
  • Tooth Fairy, Changeling, Blonney and Horropedia added to the standard roster.
  • Not! For 1.5! But it has been confirmed in the most recent developer broadcast that starting on 1.6 players will be able to generate and share codes for Wilderness layouts!
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