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[Mini Game: Waving Forest of Monsters]

  • Event Period: November 16 after maintenance—November 22, 23:59 UTC
  • Please check the details here


  • Ranked Reward Information button will be added.
  • Challenges will be updated
Clear the Mini Game without fainting10,000
Reach the highest level10,000
Defeat 100 monsters10,000
Defeat 30 Elite Monsters 15,000
Defeat 1 Boss Monster15,000
Clear the Mini Game with full HP30,000
Clear the Mini Game without help from a Helper Soul50,000
Clear the Min Game without using an item 75,000
Clear the Mini Game without using Roll 100,000
Clear the Mini Game without damage received 100,000
Clear the Mini Game without fainting20,000
Reach the highest level20,000
Defeat 100 monsters25,000
Defeat 285 monsters50,000
Defeat 30 Elite Monsters 30,000
Defeat 85 Elite Monsters 65,000
Defeat 1 Boss Monster30,000
Defeat 3 Boss Monster75,000
Request help from Helper Soul 7 times50,000
Use item 8 times50,000

[Evil Soul Subjugation]

  • Evil Soul Subjugation: Mad Beast
    • Period:  November 16, 01:00—November 22, 23:59 UTC
    • You can challenge Evil Soul Subjugation once a day during the event period.
    • You can set the level of the boss to fight before the challenge begins, and when you defeat the boss, the challenge count is deducted and you will receive rewards.
    • If you fail to defeat a boss or quit the battle, your challenge count will not be deducted.
    • Please check the details here.

Evil Soul Subjugation Changes and Improvements

  • Evil Soul Aira’s maximum level changes from 400 → 450.
  • Max HP of the Evil Soul Aira will be reduced by 20%.
  • The following skill tooltips will be revamped as below. 
Main Skill: I’ll CRUSH you!
  • Lv.1 Effect: Range 180° → 90°
  • Lv.5 (Unlock at Lv. 450) will be added.
BasicThe mad beast focuses on the furthest enemy as she strikes the ground with enormous strength. She deals 300% ATK damage in a 20m long, 90 degree angle. This attack cannot be dodged.
Lv. 450The mad beast focuses on the furthest enemy as she strikes the ground with enormous strength. She deals 300% ATK damage in a 20m long, 120 degree angle. This attack cannot be dodged.
Sub Skill: Do not disturb!
  • Lv.5 (Unlock at Lv. 410) will be added.
Lv. 410Obtains 2 stacks of Madness when hitting 4 or more targets with the skill.
Sub Skill: I shall destroy everything!
  • Lv.5 (Unlock at Lv. 420) will be added.
Lv. 410The Mad Beast gets the “Agitated” buff for 10 seconds and receives 3 stacks of Madness if the Agitated buff is not removed within 10  seconds.
Sub Skill: I’ll SMASH you!
  • Lv.5 (Unlock at Lv. 430) will be added.
Lv. 430Damage changes to 200%
Passive Skill: Uncontrollable Madness
  • Lv.1 Effect: ATK 5% → 3%
  • Lv.2 Effect: 10 seconds → 8 seconds / 3 Debuffs → 2 Debuffs
  • Lv.5 Effect: 20 seconds → 14 seconds
  • Lv. 6 (Unlock at Lv. 440) will be added. 
BasicGains a “Erupting Madness” buff for 3 seconds if her enemy uses a main skill, and then permanently inflicts a “Prey Detected” debuff on the target that used the main skill. All targeted attacks then focus towards the target marked with the debuff. The target’s “Prey Detected” debuff is removed when another target receives the “Prey Detected” debuff or when “Do not disturb!” or “Roar of Madness” is used. If an enemy uses a main skill while she has the “Erupting Madness” buff, she gains 1 “Madness” stack (each stack increases her ATK by 3%, incoming damage by 3%). This buff stacks infinitely, and enhances all of her skills.
Lv. 201The mad beast activates the “Roar of Madness” skill during combat. When she uses the skill, she gains the “Pent-up Madness” buff which gives 1 “Madness” buff every 2 seconds for 8 seconds when she has 2 or less debuffs.
Lv. 380Duration of “Pent-up Madness” changes to 14 seconds.
Lv. 440Enemies with the “Prey Detected” debuff receive the “Prey” debuff that lasts for seconds every 3 seconds. If a target gets 8 stacks of the debuff, the target permanently gets the “Fear of the Law of the Jungle” debuff. If an enemy has this debuff, she gets 1 stack of Madness every 2 seconds.

[Double Reward Boosts]

[Arena Victory Double Rewards] 

  • Arena Victory Double Reward Event
    • Event Period: : November 15, 00:00 UTC—November 28, 23:59 UTC
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the rewards for winning your matches in Arena. 
    • Please note this does not apply to Arena Daily Rewards and Arena Weekly Rewards.


[Hall of Memories]

  • A new dungeon will be added
    • Update Schedule: November 20

[Bug Fixes]

  • An issue where battle does not progress intermittently will be fixed.
  • An issue where the stealth effect of Eileen’s Artifact Skill does not work properly will be fixed.
  • An issue where the treasure effect has not been applied when using the level setting feature in the Practice Room will be fixed.
  • An issue where Paid and Free Everstones were not separated at the top of the Artifact Summoning Result screen will be fixed.
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